The new version of Bitcoin Core is now available on Github


bitcoin core, the reference implementation of the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol, plays a critical role in the operation and security of the Bitcoin network. As a full node client, it allows users to validate transactions, maintain a copy of the blockchain, and participate in the consensus process. Last Friday, May 26, the latest version of Bitcoin Core was released on Github, bringing a number of significant updates and improvements.

Update and improvements in version 25.0

Bitcoin Core version 25.0 now available on Github features a wide range of updates, including new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. One of the highlighted features is the ability to perform transactions that are 65 bytes in size without including the token data, according to the update notes provided on GitHub. This allows for more flexibility and opens up new use cases for smaller transactions.

Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) and chain applications

The latest version of Bitcoin Core also introduces new remote procedure calls (RPCs), which are essential building blocks for on-chain applications. These calls allow applications to interact with the information stored in the blockchains efficiently. For example, the “scanblocks” function returns the relevant block hashes for a set of specific descriptors, making it easy to quickly scan the wallet.

Improvements to the graphical user interface (GUI) and wallet functions

In addition to technical updates, Bitcoin Core 25.0 also brings GUI improvements and new wallet features. Users now have access to enhanced settings such as ‘minconf’ and ‘maxcon’, allowing them to customize the minimum and maximum confirmation of transactions. These improvements make the user experience more intuitive and customizable for Bitcoin Core users.

The importance of Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is a crucial open source project for the Bitcoin ecosystem. In addition to serving as the main client for interacting with the Bitcoin network, it provides the necessary infrastructure to validate transactions and maintain the blockchain. It also includes an integrated wallet and developer tools, which encourages the creation of applications on top of the Bitcoin network. The team of dedicated developers behind Bitcoin Core strive to constantly maintain and improve this open source code, which is highly valued by the Bitcoin community.

To end

Bitcoin Core version 25.0 represents a major milestone in the development and continuous improvement of this reference implementation. With new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, Bitcoin Core 25.0 gives Bitcoin users a more efficient and secure experience. This update underscores the importance of keeping up with technological advances in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and demonstrates the Bitcoin Core team’s commitment to providing a robust and reliable infrastructure for the world’s largest decentralized network.

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