The most expensive Havaianas flip flop in history was digitally acquired by cryptocurrencies

Charlie Taylor

Finished for R $ ~ 5,600.00, the slipper called “Happy Feet” is, until now, the most expensive of the iconic Havainas. But this slipper you don't find on a shelf, but on the blockchain. Acquired by João Canhada, Foxbit's CEO and owner of the oldest bitcoin OTC in Brazil, it didn't cost reals, but cryptocurrencies, more specifically 0.28 ETH – the main cryptography of the Ethereum self-executing contract network. Happy Feet is actually a blockchain artwork in GIF format. The art was transformed into NFT, a unique and scarce digital token.

Art for a good cause

The work is part of the “Felicidade” collection, a partnership between the artist Adhemas Batista and the brand and brings much more than the concept of optimism and happiness. 7% of the proceeds from the sale will go to Favela Galeria, an open air art museum on the east side of the city of São Paulo.

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NFT Happy FeetCanhada commented that he is happy to be the first buyer of Havainas 'NFT. “I am very proud to be the first buyer of Havaianas' NFT, a brand that is part of my childhood and that I still consume its products to today. It is a historic moment for Alpargatas and for the NFT market, in which I am learning and getting deeper into it every day ”, said Canhada.The work can be seen in the Foundation App digital portfolio and viewed on blockchain via Etherscan.

Alpargatas (ALPA4) owner of Havianas has record profit

This is another initiative of Alpargatas towards digitalization, the company had a profit increase of 73.6% in the last quarter and recorded the best 1st quarter in 10 years. And the company bought for R $ 200 million the technology company Ioasys, which will help in the digital transformation of ALPA4 in the coming years. Now we can say that the Brazilian already has a foot in cryptocurrencies and he is well dressed.

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