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Published: March 1, 2022, 9:00 p.m.With a system that automatically handles and reports temperature deviations, we can monitor the existing shelf life of drugs, vaccines, blood and organs during transport. The technology means that you see in real time the status of the product being handled and whether it can be used or not after handling and transport. In total, the global pharmaceutical industry spends over USD 34 billion per year on handling temperature deviations in its logistics chains. At the same time, the WHO states that about 20 percent of vaccines are destroyed during logistics transport and vaccines worth 6.6 billion dollars are destroyed every year due to lack of temperature control. – One of our customers, Basque Health Service, invested in our solution and compared to before the investment, they have saved 74 percent of the blood bags that were previously discarded, says Johan Stormlund, CEO of Tridentify.Increased requirements for guaranteed correct transportJohan Stormlund has worked with temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years. He describes that changes in the pharmaceutical industry usually take place slowly and that the pandemic has shown the problems that exist in logistics today if you work manually and analogously. – Due to the pandemic, the public has greater knowledge that drugs, such as Covid vaccine, are temperature sensitive. As a result, many expect pharmaceutical companies to be able to guarantee that their medicines have been transported in the correct temperature range. But our system monitors more than temperature, movement and light. We configure the product’s stability data in our system, which makes an automatic quality decision whether the product is ok to use or not. With our system, you can thus in real time via app or web portal see how much shelf life is left on the product during the entire transport, he continues.See remaining shelf life in real time Today, there is a clear trend in that new drugs are often biological and therefore more temperature sensitive. In order to then have time to handle the amount of temperature-sensitive drugs that are transported globally every day of the year, there is a greater need for IoT sensors and automatic temperature deviation systems. Increased demands are thus also placed on the industry to switch to a digitalisation of Supply Chain Management. In combination with authorities also tightening the requirements for temperature monitoring, Tridentify’s solution lays a foundation for sustainable handling of the product that has been transported at the correct temperature. – Our system is qualified as a Medical Device IIa, a regulatory requirement for it to be allowed to make a medical decision. IoT and the cloud make information from our sensor available to anyone with granted access. The solution is also sustainable because, unlike many other players, we have hardware that is reused and updated with new calibration certificates when needed, says Johan Stormlund.About Tridentify
Tridentify AB, is a SaaS / MedTech company that offers an automatic quality system that monitors the temperature, movement and light of medicines, transfusion medicines and organs.For more information contact: [email protected] Watch an animated video of the system

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