The mathematician: Two simple tips that lay the foundation for successful saving


Published: 13 February 2023, 12:37 Updated: 13 February 2023, 12:46Carlk Lindberg is a mathematician with a background as a quantitative analyst, and one of Sigmastock’s founders. Photo: Nathan Smith Last year’s big declines put an end to a long-term stock market boom. In the current situation, it is particularly important to think extra about your savings. Carl Lindberg, who is a mathematician with a background as a quantitative analyst, thinks so. He has two pieces of advice for how to manage your savings when the stock market fluctuates.Save shares on autopilot – Sigmastocks invests your money at one of the lowest fees on the market No one can answer how the stock market will go forward. Many are also afraid of the uncertain situation in the world and how it will affect their economy going forward. – But if you save regularly and have a long-term strategy, the effects of this uncertainty will be less, says Carl Lindberg, associate professor and former adjunct professor with financial mathematics as a specialist area. He has also worked in the financial industry for many years.

Challenging the fund managers

When he started Sigmastocks, together with Nanna Stranne and Mai Thai, they had a clear vision. They wanted to make it easy for everyone to save directly in shares instead of in funds. – A fund is actually a rather outdated form of saving in that you can now buy shares from all over the world yourself, from your own computer. But there are many fears around saving in shares and the banks often block that feeling by talking about how risky it is, he says. The founding trio realized they could do something significantly better and decided to challenge the fund managers. Today, Sigmastocks offers automated portfolio management directly in shares. In this way, several costly intermediaries disappear, resulting in a lower fee. At the same time, the saver gets full control and can – if he wants – exclude unwanted industries from the portfolio. For example, you can choose whether you want to have a larger share of ownership in companies that work actively with sustainability in various ways. – In other words, you have flexibility and an opportunity to tailor your portfolio according to your own wishes and ethical preferences, says Carl Lindberg .

Mathematical models

Today, Sigmastocks is an established upstart in the industry. But in these economically tough times with high inflation, more and more people have become unsure of what to do with their savings. When the stock market goes down, many people also hesitate to start saving. – Of course, you should always prioritize paying the electricity bills. But if you can also put away a few hundreds of dollars regularly, you build up a safe buffer for the future and can feel a little calmer. Carl Lindberg sees two alternatives to how you as a private individual can think. – One is to save monthly and then not think about the matter any more. Then you don’t need to spend energy on ups or downs. The reason is that over time the monthly savings will have a stabilizing effect on your return. This means that the risks are reduced. He sees the second option as useful if you are considering entering the stock market with a larger sum of money. – Then divide your capital and invest it in portions over a year. If instead you go in with all the money at the same time, it easily creates anxiety that you have made a bad decision, which makes you stressed. And if you get stressed, it easily leads to more bad decisions, says Carl Lindberg. Save shares on autopilot – Sigmastocks invests your money at one of the lowest fees on the market

Sigma stocks

Sigmastocks was started in 2014 by Carl Lindberg, Nanna Stranne and Mai Thai. Through the company’s digital savings service, customers’ money is automatically invested in a tailored share portfolio. Unlike other savings robots, Sigmastocks invests directly in shares and not in funds. In addition, several intermediaries are cut out, which means that Sigmastock’s management fee is one of the lowest in the market.Remember that money on the stock exchange can both increase and decrease in value. Historical returns are no guarantee that you will get back the invested capital.The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Sigmastocks and not an article by Dagens industri

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