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Fair Investments: “We only charge for real results. Everyone benefits from that.”

Published: November 22, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: November 23, 2022, 10:18 a.m.In times when the stock market crashes and takes off every second, the asset manager Fair Investments makes sure that the customers sit still in the boat. – And we sit there with them. It is the result of long-term planning and hard work that allows us to deliver such good results despite the unrest, says Johannes Scepanski, lic. insurance and investment advisers. When online brokers and robo-advisors fight for customers, Fair Investments goes its own way. Old school personal advice is combined with a fee based on results and a new way of thinking about investments. The company has a performance-based business model where you are compensated in relation to the value increase that is created. – This means that we play on the same team as the customers. If it goes well for our customers, then it goes well for us, says Johannes.Good companies, not temporary comets on the stock marketQuick cuts and short-lived stock market rockets are nothing for Fair Investments. The company instead makes sure to invest in healthy companies with substance and the conditions for good profitability and lasting growth. As the company’s founder Johan Bynélius usually puts it: “We invest in companies, not stock prices”. Through fundamental analyses, proper reviews are made of companies that are interesting to invest in. We use the investment philosophy CAMP-B which helps the managers to make the right decisions. The philosophy ensures that:- the company creates cash flow surplus through its business model. This excess profitability is reinvested in the company for further future returns. – through the incentive model, we invest in companies where the profitability of the management team is determined by the company’s success. – when calculating the company’s value, a “margin of safety” is added compared to its market value, which significantly lowers the risk of investing in overvalued companies. – when choosing companies to invest in, we analyze the underlying reasons for investors taking positions with regard to profit money if the company underperforms. This is to map any risks. – We have had a historical average return of over 19 percent per year, which means that the portfolio has risen over 700 percent since the start. In addition, at a lower risk than the Stockholm Stock Exchange. So our analyzes must be accurate, says Sirous Kia, lic. investment adviserHighly competent financial advice and mappingFair Investments addresses companies and individuals who want guidance through their investment decisions. – With online brokers and robot advice, you stand there alone with the decision. What our customers demand and need is financial advice, which is difficult to find at a level that really adds value. With our billing model, the consultation is included and it is the quality and the result that count, not the number of hours sold, says Sirous. For several years now, most actors have chosen to downsize the consultancy. They haven’t been able to demonstrate a high enough quality and then the customers don’t see the value in paying for the service either. – The result is that the customers are referred to the online bank where they have to do most of the work themselves, says Johannes. – If, for example, we meet an entrepreneur who we can train in the possibilities and pitfalls of the tax system, design a clear plan and strategy for how the company’s excess liquidity can accrue to the owner and contribute with one of the best management solutions in Sweden – then you see a clear added value from the advice. Many people wonder about the optimal balance between salary, dividend and, for example, occupational pension savings before closing the accounts. There we have guidance that saves many thousands of Swedish kroner for our customers, continues Johannes.Long-term securityThe stock market this year has been a shaky business and many are the investors who have been sleepless. – Happily, less than one percent of our customers have contacted us and felt that they needed to act. That’s an exceptionally small percentage compared to how many customers are generally worried in this situation. It’s about trust. If a long-term investment strategy has been put in place, customers feel secure. It will not be relevant to care about movements on the stock market today or next month. Nor about rambling headlines that make the herd run hither and thither. They can have a relaxed relationship with their finances, Sirous concludes.About Fair Investments Fair Investments is an asset manager based in Stockholm. The company was founded in 2010 by Johan Bynélius, who is today the company’s main manager. Johan manages the company’s model portfolio, which since the company was founded has performed approx. 20% in average annual return.Read more about Fair investments Twitter LinkedIn Facebook The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Fair Investments and not an article by Dagens industri

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