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Now the Dream portfolio is making a comeback

Now Di’s stock competition The Dream Portfolio is making a comeback, you can register here. Get behind Di’s profiles or compete with colleagues in your own league. The best share investor earns SEK 100,000. Updated: September 26, 2022, 12:04 p.mPublished: September 26, 2022, 5:44 amThe Stockholm Stock Exchange has been anything but cheerful during 2022 and the autumn he got off to a messy start. That makes it extra challenging for the participants when Di’s share competition Drömportfolijen starts up again. In the premiere round last spring, around 17,000 players participated and the winner, Petter Hansson, managed to get a return of a whopping 46 percent in his dream portfolio. Timing the oil companies’ rush became a winning concept.Petter Hansson won the spring round of the Dream Portfolio.Petter Hansson won the spring round of the Dream Portfolio. Photo: Jesper Frisk”I’ve tried to maintain a mental map of how I think the stock market will go in the next week or so, if I think it’s an uptrend or a downtrend, I’m wrong there, I have to try update me. When there was a downward trend, it was a good time to buy cheap oil companies,” said Petter Hansson about his strategy.In seventh place ended up Di’s equity analyst Mikael Olsson who managed to get a return of almost 30 percent. Now he is one of Di’s profiles in the competition and will write about his portfolio changes during the journey. The aim is of course to win – but then it is necessary to dare to take big risks and have a large portion of luck, he says. “It can be a cannon or a turkey. To get a good placement, it’s not about investing in risk-adjusted returns, but taking some stupid risks and being lucky. That’s probably how I’ll think this time too. I will have a strategy that I would never have in my private portfolio or pension savings.”If oil and energy were the theme for success in the spring round, Mikael Olsson believes that the depressed real estate sector may have some gold nuggets to pick in the short term.” They are very much influenced by the macro picture, large established real estate companies can move 5 percent in a day without anything actually happening. Then I will buy a lot of small companies, it is probably also a good recipe for ending up high, but it also involves a lot of risk.”Di’s news manager Anna Ekelund is another profile that participants can follow. She will try to spot the autumn trends, where the energy crisis is one of them: “I am afraid that it will be a troubled time on the stock market, that it will get worse before it gets better. I look for defensive stocks that are reasonably valued and preferably exposed to trends such as saving on energy costs and food costs, and avoid things that consumers might be forgoing. Higher interest rates and a weak krona are also trends to keep in mind,” she says. But placing at the top will be difficult, she notes. In the spring round, it was individual events such as the bids on Leovegas and Swedish Match that caused participants to climb thousands of positions. “It will be difficult, but not infrequently it’s the really sharp stuff that’s fun, isn’t it?”, says Anna Ekelund. Apart from Leovegas and Swedish Match, Embracer, SSAB and Lundin Energy were the stocks that the players made the most money on in spring competition. Opens on Monday registration for the autumn round, which starts on October 10 and lasts for ten weeks. The competition is free and open to everyone, even those who do not subscribe to Dagens industri. But as a subscriber, you have a certain advantage through the possibility of creating two portfolios and thus double your chances. In addition to the individual achievements, you will highlight the different leagues that can be created in the Dream Portfolio. The leagues become like a competition within the competition where anyone can invite friends and colleagues. In this way, the participants can have internal competitions and measure themselves against each other’s stock market performances. Di will highlight the leagues that manage to recruit the most participants.

The dream portfolio – that’s how it’s done

The competition starts October 10. From September 26 until 30 October it is possible to register and create your dream portfolio at 10th of October the return in the registered portfolios is set to zero. Whoever has the highest percentage return in their portfolio when the competition ends on December 16 wins SEK 100,000.As a Di subscriber you have the opportunity to create two portfolios. You get 1 million kroner in a fictitious fund to dispose of. You can have up to 25 percent of your cash in cash.You can invest maximum 25 percent and minimum 5 percent of your cash in one and the same company. However, you must have at least 5 companies in your portfolio. You can buy and sell at any time during the day – but it is the latest change that applies until the stock exchange opens the following day. The exchange rate you receive is the one that applies at the opening of the market.

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