The heavyweights of the business community can be found at Di in Almedalen

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Outbreaks of war, inflation shock, Sweden joining NATO, interest rate chaos, raw material shortages and political circus at home. Yes, what really happened in the last six months and how will the new reality affect the business community in the future? That is why Dagens industri is on site in Visby to report, debate and analyze.Published: 30 June 2022, 16:17Today’s industry and The newspapers in the Di group aim to be a meeting place for the Swedish business community. When Almedalen Week in Visby restarts after a two-year pandemic break, it is in an important situation for Sweden and the Swedish business community. At home, this autumn’s parliamentary elections will be important for companies and all people who shape business. The government issue is central and to read from the Ipsos survey you conducted and will publish in the coming week is one of the important issues for business leaders after the autumn election to bring about a more stable situation between the two government alternatives than Sweden has had since the last election. In that game, for example, the Center Party’s actions after the election are decisive. It is clear, however, that the party and party leader Annie Lööf lost the supportive position she had in business in the election four years ago. At the same time, Swedish domestic policy has probably been a bit overshadowed by Swedish business leaders since 24 February. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the dramatic consequences of the outbreak of war have quickly changed the reality for business, both small and large companies. There is thus no shortage of topics to delve into during Almedalen Week. Today’s industry arranges 45 program points at our arena next to the sea during Monday through Wednesday. Together with our sister magazines in the Di group, we have as many as 90 open events on a total of five stages. The range of topics to raise is large this year. Peter Fellman on Monday. The political situation in Sweden is high on the agenda when Dagens industri’s political editor PM Nilsson meets the party leaders on Di’s stage, including the Moderates’ Ulf Kristersson, the Center Party’s Annie Lööf, the Christian Democrats’ Ebba Busch and the Liberals’ Johan Pehrson.The hot question of The green transformation of the Swedish business community also attracts several heavyweights in the Swedish companies to Dagens industris arena, including SSAB’s CEO Martin Lindqvist, LKAB’s CEO Jan Moström, Vattenfall’s CEO Anna Borg and AB Volvo’s CEO Martin Lundstedt. the 45 points, but here are all the points from Dagens industri together. At the same time as Almedalen Week has become an important arena for the conversation between business and politics in the last decade, the original idea with the politicians’ week in Almedalen is a week where the political parties show themselves central, not least in an election year like this year. This year, the pace has been increased with speeches in Almedalsparken from two parties per day, the first at 11.00 and the second at 19.00. To guide in the increased pace, Dagens industri’s political reporters report regularly on and in the paper newspaper from the speeches and the ensuing debate. We also broadcast all the speeches on Di TV and after the speech at 11.00 a panel debate is held which is led by Di’s debate editor Andreas Johansson to analyze the party leaders’ message. It can be seen live from Di’s stage, but also in Di TV. Di TV’s popular program Börsmorgon with presenters Anna Ekelund and Ylva Johansson and Börskoll with Nike Mekibes will also be broadcast next week from Visby.So whether you is on site and can follow the debate live or if you are at a distance, a full week awaits to join us at Dagens industri and follow our reporting from Almedalen Week in the important situation politically and economically that the Swedish business community is in. Jonas Jonsson, editor-in-chief of Dagens industri Jonas Jonsson

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