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Published: March 8, 2022, 9:00 AM Updated: March 14, 2022, 3:18 p.m.Linnea Karlsson, chief operating officer at Borg Owilli. Photo: Mio Sallanto The first thing Linnea Karlsson was struck by when she stepped into Borg Owilli was the energy – the mood aroused something in her. Today she is the agency’s chief operating officer and tells how the company has managed to maintain its original mentality. When Linnea Karlsson stepped through the doors of the then relatively new content agency Borg Owilli, she was met by an enthusiasm she had never experienced before in a workplace. Here were company founders and employees who were just at the beginning of their careers and who had big visions for what they wanted to achieve in the industry. – The atmosphere in the office radiated commitment and that anything was possible. That energy ignited something in me. Here you just do not talk about big dreams – you actually make sure to pursue your ideas and achieve your goals, she says. The year was 2017 and Linnea Karlsson was hired as one of the agency’s project managers, but from the start the ambition was to reach a managerial position. – I chose Borg Owilli as a workplace because I loved the company’s mentality. But I also felt how I could benefit and learn an incredible amount. I had long wanted to challenge my leadership qualities and at Borg Owilli there was room to realize that dream, perhaps faster than I could have done elsewhere.Investing in talentFour and a half years have now passed since Linnea Karlsson first stepped into Borg Owilli’s office. She has managed to fulfill her role as agency manager and is now chief operating officer and is in charge of the company’s development and ambitious growth plan. But Linnea Karlsson is not alone in having made a great career journey within the company. For example, the agency’s planner started as an intern and today is part of the management team. – At Borg Owilli, we like to recruit talent who can grow and be challenged in their professional role. You get to come in quickly and work with large customers and exciting projects. It attracts many competent and talented people to us, says Linnea Karlsson. See vacancies at Borg Owilli here.Larger companies – the same commitmentThe years at Borg Owilli describe Linnea Karlsson as fast-paced and far more eventful than her previous career combined. During her years at the company, the workforce has increased from 20 to just over 50 employees and sales have more than tripled. Although the spontaneity that previously existed at the company has become more structured in connection with the growth, the mentality that nothing is impossible still remains in the walls. – Today we have a completely different level of business sense and have managed to find the balance between which business ideas are good and which ones need to be processed. We are now on a growth journey with many exciting projects. One of the most important issues is therefore to attract and retain talented employees – where commitment is a big factor. A lot has happened since I first stepped through the doors of Borg Owilli, but the energy I felt from the beginning is something that has always been with us, she says.About Borg Owilli Borg Owilli is an award-winning content agency that also specializes in content distribution. In the battle for people’s attention, Borg Owilli’s method is qualitative content that performs through exclusive distribution channels. The company was founded in 2016 in Stockholm by Mikael Owilli and David Borg and today has about fifty employees. Here you can see more of Borg Owilli’s case.

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