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Work safely remotely with heavy applications – completely seamless

Published: 14 June 2022, 09:00 Updated: 20 June 2022, 15:41Stefan Jeleby, Product Manager Advanced Compute Solutions, HP. Teleworking is the new normal – but working with heavy applications there are challenges, both in terms of security and the experience for the user. – With our solution HP Anyware, it will feel like sitting in the office environment, even if you work from home with really demanding applications, says Stefan Jeleby, Product Manager Advanced Compute Solutions, HP. The pandemic has changed the way people work. Hybrid workplaces, where you work in the office some days, other days remotely, are now common. If you work remotely, you often have to connect through a VPN tunnel that can restrict the performance of data transmission. If you work with large documents and advanced applications, such as 3D drawings where you can rotate the object and zoom in and out, or film editing, data analysis, infrastructure projects or perhaps simulation, a disturbing delay occurs which makes the work more difficult. With the solution HP Anyware is performed all heavy data processing on the organization’s hardware without any data leaving the secure environment. Instead, only pixel changes are sent, which are also encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. – No data flows to the user, only the encrypted image. You simply get the same image on your screen when you work remotely as if you had sat next to the organization’s hardware in the office, without delay or with reduced performance, Stefan Jeleby explains.HP Anyware is better, cheaper and more secureThis means that the connection can be done remotely without a VPN, which means that the user can sit in the home or other place and work over a fiber or WWAN connection, but get exactly the same experience. An alternative in the solution is that each user connects in a 1-1 mode, which means dedicating one user per computer instead of using virtualization. The benefits of this are several. On the one hand, it will be cheaper when you avoid a virtualization warehouse with associated licensing costs, and on the other hand, it will be easier for the IT department to handle. In addition, users do not have to share their performance with other users. With the broker software Teradici CAS Manager, the IT department can also manage which users are allowed to connect to which machines and set up pools of machines with different equipments. – You can easily check permissions and assets for various employees, external consultants and others, says Stefan Jeleby.HP Anyware enables effective collaborationIt is also possible to coordinate projects and work together remotely and also display the image on up to four 4K / UHD monitors. HP Anyware is the result of HP’s 2021 acquisition of the company Teradici, whose remote protocol PCoIP is considered the market leader and used worldwide over by authorities, defense organizations and others who work with classified information. Teradici’s solution has now been integrated with HP’s own solutions HP ZCentral Remote Boost, and HP RGS, Remote Graphics Software. As of July 2022, HP Anyware is available. Read more at: article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with HP and not an article by Dagens industri

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