The foundation is shaking – risks scaring away investors


Now I’m going All In for the autumn chill

Putting together a stock portfolio – which Di’s qualified readership should be able to follow in real time – in this situation on the stock exchange is perhaps not an immediate dream task. Bet on stability to avoid coming last? Or chance to win? I run a fairly cowardly mix. Updated: October 5, 2022, 8:43 p.mPublished: October 5, 2022, 7:36 p.mWhen the stock market lost 30 percent before the start of the second round of Di’s share competition The Dream Portfolio, it should be possible to find quality that is too cheap. The thing is, the quality has to bounce back within ten weeks for it to help my portfolio. At the same time that almost all indicators point to autumn chills. That my portfolio is called “Allin” is not a promise, let alone an invitation, to put everything on stocks. The name of course comes from All In, a small but insanely fast show jumping horse who together with Peder Fredricson won Olympic gold in Tokyo. But I still start fully invested. Gaming company Embracer has fallen roughly 30 percent this year, but according to its CEO Lars Wingefors, has a long line of super games in the pipeline. Will they arrive in time? Doubtful, but maybe there can be a buzz about something that increases interest. And Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Savvy Group, which controls a major, has deep pockets to be emptied in the gaming industry. It would certainly be a shame if they wanted to take in the entire Karlstadsbolaget. And maybe not so likely. But if it’s a competition, it’s…Tobacco company Swedish Match is already subject to takeover. Here lies the chance that the hedge fund Elliott Management will actually succeed in pressuring the American tobacco giant Philip Morris to use its strong currency and raise its bid. The fact that the energy issue is at the top of everyone’s agenda, companies as well as private individuals, makes it difficult to avoid the sector. The wind power company OX2 has risen significantly this year, almost 50 percent, but has actually had a bit of a hard time recently. As long as the electricity price does not fall back – and unfortunately there is not much that speaks for that – there is perhaps a chance that it will gain new momentum, I think, even if many analysts have lowered the recommendations. A number of large orders and the dollar means that the technology share Mycronic can be included. Contrary to OX2, the stock is down on the year, almost 30 percent, but a winner last month. I hope for more orders and that the analysts are forced to revise up their expectations, although I never really understood what a mask writer really is. The food company Axfoods business I am very familiar with, we meet every day at the discount giant Willys, and I prefer to buy their own brand Garant. The resistance that possibly remains in certain customer categories will probably break down in line with inflation, I think. This is what Allin initially looks like. Let it be as safe as All in. But if a boom falls, I don’t mind reconsidering. That is the allure of the Dream Portfolio.

The dream portfolio – that’s how it’s done

The competition starts 10 October, but it is already possible to register and create your dream portfolio at
The 10th of October the return in the registered portfolios is set to zero.
Whoever has the highest percentage return in their portfolio when the competition ends on December 16 wins SEK 100,000.
As a Di subscriber you have the option to create two portfolios.
You get SEK 1 million in a fictitious fund to manage.
You can have up to 25 percent of your cash in cash.
You can invest maximum 25 percent and minimum 5 percent of your cash in one and the same company. However, you must have at least 5 companies in your portfolio.
You can buy and sell at any time during the day – but it is the latest change that applies until the stock exchange opens the following day.
The exchange rate you receive is the one that applies at the opening of the market.
You can create a league and compete with friends and colleagues.

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