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ICA is developing the food and store of the future

Published: July 4, 2022, 7:00 AM Updated: July 15, 2022, 9:32 AMVoice assistants and sensory shelves can be something we will encounter in the grocery store of the future. And maybe it’s farmed meat and insects that will be on our plates in a few decades. If you ask ICA and their innovation hubs, it is highly likely. At the same time as society is developing, our grocery stores are also in a phase of change. And it goes fast. New technologies, such as robotic bearings, blockchain technology and both AR and VR, are being implemented to take the marketplace of the future to new heights. On the food side, we are expected to see both insects and farmed meat. – We will have to change, a lot from a climate perspective of course. This means that we will, among other things, need to eat more plant-based and new types of proteins. We also see exciting areas being explored, where insects and produced meat become more hyped and normalized as time goes on, says Sofia Olsson, head of innovation and concept development at ICA Sweden in the podcast Innovationslandet Sverige.Here you will find the section with ICA for Innovationslandet Sverige Two innovation hubsShe has a multi-year background in ICA and was involved in starting up the innovation hub, which focuses on food and food technology. The focus is on food innovation to be able to secure the range for the future. – We like to see that what we work with are products that end up on the shelf that our customers can take part of. It includes working with research, running innovation projects and constantly working with insights to know what is going on. There, we look a lot in a 5-10 year perspective to be able to be at the forefront, she says in the podcast. To develop new products, new technology is also required. Within ICA’s innovation hub ICAx, new business opportunities and technologies that can lead to innovations have been explored and analyzed. Ariella Rotstein is the CO-lead within ICAx and works daily with these issues. – The only thing we know for sure is that we do not know what will happen in the future, which means that we need to deal with the uncertainty and keep up with everything that happens. We work widely and were, among other things, early with voice assistants and have developed a concept for unmanned stores to name a few, she says in the podcast. Future report on the grocery storeEarlier this year, ICA released the report “Your grocery store 2032” which predicts what the future will look like for our grocery stores. The report addresses several dimensions where customer insights are discussed and new needs and values ​​are highlighted. – In recent times, we have focused very much on the future report, where we look at two areas. Partly efficiency opportunities with the help of technology, partly the sustainability aspect and what it can mean for our store. We have exciting times ahead of us and it is so interesting to be part of this journey, says Ariella Rotstein. Facts:
At ICA, innovation in the grocery trade and food is at the center. With two innovation hubs, they work daily to develop new inventions for tomorrow’s grocery store. In the autumn of 2017, the journey towards strengthening and extending ICA Gruppen’s business through innovation began, when the innovation hub ICAx was started. Together with the innovation department, ICA strives to constantly improve tomorrow’s grocery store. Read more here.Curious about what it’s like to work with innovations in a large company? Listen to the episode from Innovationslandet Sverige in your podcast player. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with ICA Sweden and not an article by Dagens industri

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