The EU ministers gather in Sweden – this is where the giant event is being held this spring


Published: April 27, 2023, 3:44 p.mAnna Bauer, CEO at Scandinavian XPO. Several international players request flexible comprehensive solutions for major events in Sweden. And for many, geography and well-functioning logistics are decisive factors. An example: Sweden’s presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers, which now involves over 100 meetings with ministers and civil servants from all member states.Read more about the Explore Arlandastad area here During the first half of 2023, Sweden holds the presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers, which consists of ministers from all 27 member states. When the corridors of EU power move to Sweden, the apparatus around is enormous. In addition to thousands of meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg, Sweden organizes and leads over 100 meetings and conferences on Swedish soil. In order to make everything go smoothly and give all participants the opportunity to attend, extreme demands are placed on meeting places, flight connections, accessibility, environment and not least safety. The planning work has been extensive and started in the Government Office several years ago. Now they rent the entire facility from January to the end of June 2023. With that, Scandinavian XPO became the center of work during Sweden’s presidency. – That the Government Offices early on saw the advantages of having access to a large meeting arena meant a lot. Now about halfway into the presidency, we have received very good feedback, on everything from the food to the premises and the exceptional location that the arena offers. We are incredibly proud that they dared to invest in us, says Anna Bauer, CEO of Scandinavian XPO.Scandinavian XPO has been formed with people and meetings at the center. The meeting and event arena consists of 40,000 square meters which, in addition to the three large event and exhibition halls, also houses lounge environments, hotels, long-term accommodation, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, bars, training center, golf training center and doctor’s office. – We have a very large arena. The meeting part itself consists of 18,000 square meters, which offers enormous possibilities. Adjacent is a nice conference department with thirteen conference rooms in various sizes. Many people see a classic exhibition hall in front of them, but here a completely different style and completely different possibilities are offered in terms of spontaneous meeting areas, technology and functionality. Normally, when the entire facility is not booked for EU meetings, it is mainly large companies that book the facility for, for example, annual general meetings, kick-off or other major events. – We have a customer who has his annual kick-off for two thousand employees here with us. Then they have cinema seating during the day, then the participants go to the hotel and change and in the meantime we adapt the venue. In two hours, we turn a cinema session into a gala dinner. Few others can handle that type of event. Scandinavian XPO’s location has a strategic location in Explore Arlandastad directly by the E4 and just a few minutes by bus from Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s arrivals hall. In between two of Sweden’s fastest growing regions – Stockholm and Uppsala. Here there is space and opportunities for companies to grow, people to meet and ideas to come to life. – There are many other players on site such as hotels, restaurants, activities and much more. It makes it possible for many to find a good overall solution for their event. It not only benefits the customer, but also us as the meeting and event arena and also our neighbors and partners who are here in Explore Arlandastad. The fact that it is also an area with a high rate of development provides further added value. For example, a project is underway with full-size self-driving electric buses that will hopefully operate between Explore Arlandastad and the airport. Explore Arlandastad is owned by the property development company Arlandastad Group. The company is continuously developing the location and has made extensive investments to make the huge area an attractive location for various types of businesses, including Scandinavian XPO. In the 290-hectare area, different types of companies meet that take great advantage of being close to each other and that there are opportunities to grow in premises that can be adapted as needed.Read more about the Explore Arlandastad area here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Arlandastad Group and not an article by Dagens industri

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