THE END OF THE REAL is near, understand why


The End of the Real You cannot ignore what is happening in Brazil today! There are many signs that the Brazilian real (BRL)…

The END OF THE REAL content is at hand, understand why it first appeared in Cointimes .

The End of the Real

You cannot ignore what is happening in Brazil today!
There are many signs that the Brazilian real (BRL) is not in its best moments and, worse, that we may be getting closer and closer to the END OF THE REAL .

We at Cointimes publish a number of related articles that can help you understand what some of these clues are and some possible solutions, but the “hole” here is actually much lower.


The first live of the series THE END OF THE REAL starts tomorrow (December 2nd) at 10 am and Isac Honorato , CEO of Cointimes and Coingoback, promises to "tell everything that no one had the courage to say" in these three days of conversation about Brazilian royal dying.

To participate, just access the Cointimes Club website and register with your name and email.

You will also gain exclusive access to the course's whatsapp group, but while the time goes by, we can remember some of the articles published these days.

For example, Affonso Pastore, who served at the Central Bank of Brazil between August 1983 and August 1985 during the military dictatorship, recently said that "Cryptocurrency is a collective insanity."

Your legacy? He left Brazilians with an accumulated inflation of over 220% a year.

By the caliber of economists in the next electoral dispute, will it be the END OF THE REAL?

After all, who remembers when Guedes said that exchange rate fluctuations were not related to the economic policy conducted by him, “but to political facts and the pandemic”, when he provided clarification on his investments in offshore offshores abroad?

Although investments abroad are completely legal, if the highest levels of the federal administration are looking for ways to reduce exposure to the Brazilian real, the message that remains is that everyone should consider doing the same.

You may think that talking about the END OF THE REAL is an exaggeration, or something impossible to happen and it may seem absurd, but the pound sterling, which is the oldest state currency in the world still in circulation, sees a depreciation of more than 99% since its inception.

The Brazilian real is not far from that and, believe me, you are invested in a currency that is following the same path, having already devalued 85% since its creation.

Each new Brazilian born in 2022 has already started owing R$33 thousand to Brasília.

But what does it mean for a coin to collapse? What are the effects?

Well… Protests erupted across Lebanon on Monday over worsening living conditions and the collapse of the local currency.

Demonstrations across the country followed the local currency crash to 25,000 Lebanese pounds per US dollar, as opposed to the former official rate of 1,500 pounds. A 94% devaluation.

The most efficient solution in the face of the threat of a currency collapse is the protection of assets by investing in strong money that play the role of stores of value.

The preferred hard currency of big investors over the past few decades has always been gold, but fund managers and institutional investors are increasingly choosing to invest in bitcoin over gold .

They see cryptocurrency as a great store of value and preferential protection against fiat money inflation.

The truth is, no coin lasts forever… Are you prepared for your money to be worthless overnight?

Sign up for the O END DO REAL live series and find out.

The END OF THE REAL content is at hand, understand why it first appeared in Cointimes .

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