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They streamline the financial industry with their digital solution

Published: 10 May 2022, 09:00 Updated: 12 May 2022, 15:16Swimbird ends each work week with a Friday physique. “We believe a lot in mental and physical health, and have therefore integrated training into our business,” says CEO Eva Lundell (center). Swedish Swimbird has developed a platform, SWIP, which both facilitates advisory work for banks and gives asset managers the opportunity to overview and manage their portfolios. The solution meets a global need, says CEO and co-founder Eva Lundell. Most banks cannot give their customers an accurate picture of their total assets and liabilities. The banks lack an effective solution for data consolidation, and usually do not take care of unlisted holdings and private assets. And customers in the form of family offices and investment companies in turn use Excel to compile the portfolio data they receive from their banks. But Excel is a blunt tool for the purpose, says Eva Lundell at Swimbird. – It easily goes wrong and there is no history. In addition, there are major limitations in which analyzes can be done, and since a lot of “cut-and-paste” is required, portfolio data is not updated at current prices more often than quarterly or at best monthly, she says.Solution for a two-part challengeSwimbird has built an easy-to-implement infrastructure solution that can solve the banks’ challenge of consolidating data, and which also gives end customers a valuable overall picture of all assets and liabilities. – SWIP acts as a bridge between different systems and banks to create an overview. The platform is also offered as a SaaS solution for asset managers. SWIP then collects data from various account banks, compiles, reports and analyzes in real time, Eva Lundell explains. The platform handles all types of assets – including private equity funds, direct investments in unlisted companies and private assets such as real estate and art.Basis for accurate adviceAn important issue in this context is how much responsibility the banks must take to offer a comprehensive reporting containing unlisted assets and assets with other banks. – We think it is in the banks’ interest to help customers get access to all their information. And with an overall picture, the bank can provide relevant advice on management, says Eva Lundell. Fast growing global marketIt is not only banks and asset managers who can benefit from SWIP. Eva Lundell highlights an exciting partner in Nordic Angels. – Nordic Angels is a so-called high trust network for business angels in the Nordics. Swimbird is responsible for the portfolio system for their members, where investors can manage their unlisted holdings, she says. Swimbird has strong owners and well-known customers and sees continued strong growth in the family office / HNWI segment in the Nordic region, but also globally given international inquiries. In order to meet new customer needs and be at the forefront of technology, the software is constantly being further developed. The plan is clear – Swimbird will continue to contribute to digitalisation in a historically conservative industry. Curious about Swimbird? Find out more here. About Swimbird Swimbird was started in 2018 by a team with a solid background in banking, stock exchange and fintech. The company helps customers in the financial industry to become more efficient through the software solution SWIP. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Swimbird and not an article by Dagens industri

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