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Nibe’s investment in school students secures the company’s future

Lina Simonsson is operations manager at Vetenskapshuset. The exhibition Energy and Balance gives students knowledge about energy and sustainability. The exhibition has been produced by Nibe in collaboration with the Technical Museum in Stockholm. Schoolchildren’s weak interest in science and technology is a problem for the business community’s skills supply. In Markaryd, the heat pump manufacturer Nibe and the municipality have decided to solve the problem. In the autumn, they therefore inaugurated the Science House.

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Nibe started its business 70 years ago and is well known among homeowners for water heaters and heat pumps. Over the years, Nibe has also developed into a global innovation company with customers across large parts of the world. But manufacturing and product development remain where it all began – in Markaryd in Småland. The latest investment in the town is Vetenskapshuset, where the purpose is to increase school students’ knowledge in science and technology. In the long run, the goal is to secure the local business community’s supply of skills with, among other things, new engineers. – Vetenskapshuset is a meeting place for schools, companies and academia.

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What we do is create growth for new ideas and skills. It is an investment in society, says Lina Simonsson, operations manager at Vetenskapshuset. The premises are almost 3,000 square meters and visiting students can learn about physics and chemistry in a pedagogical and playful way, with a focus on energy and sustainability. The interactive exhibition “energy in balance” is designed so that students compete against each other while learning things. One of the elements is for the students to distribute a household’s kilowatt hours on, for example, hot water in the shower, heating in the house and, not least, their own screen time.

– This means that the students get an understanding of their energy consumption. The response to the activities has been fantastic and one comment we have received is that Vetenskapshuset contributes to “truly sustainable community building”, says Lina Simonsson. In another part of the building is the Nobel Prize Museum’s exhibition “For humanity’s greatest benefit”.

Here, students can learn about discoveries that have been awarded the Nobel Prize and how these have affected society. It prolongs training time and further increases understanding. Vetenskapshuset also has a state-of-the-art lab for chemistry lessons. – It is a very large resource for the schools. There are few in Sweden who have such a good lab and we are also in the process of building a technology lab. Another pedagogical asset is that Vetenskapshuset sits together with Nibe’s heat pump factory.

This means that visitors only need to open a door to go from theory to practice – and sustainability thinking does not stop at the threshold to the factory. – Nibe’s heat pumps are climate-smart products and this is something the company has been working on from the beginning. Sustainability is not a vision for Nibe, it is a brand promise.

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Nibe Group is a global group that contributes to a reduced climate footprint and better utilization of energy. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions for indoor comfort, as well as components and solutions for intelligent heating and control in industry and infrastructure.

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