The billionaires rake for Norwegian Northvolt in Svenljunga

Charlie Taylor

The listed real estate company Logistea and Svenljunga municipality are now working full time for Norwegian Freyr to be able to choose the western Swedish municipality for one of its planned battery factories. In the pot are multi-billion investments and many new jobs.Published: 4 July 2022, 15:34“This is truly a huge project. If it becomes a reality, it will not only be the biggest thing that has ever happened both for us as a company and for Svenljunga municipality. In that case, it will be an investment of great importance for the entire region and for Sweden “, says Niklas Zuckerman, CEO of Logistea. for a new large battery factory. It was through a stock exchange announcement where Logistea stated that together with the partner Hansson Holding, via a joint venture, a declaration of intent had been entered into to sign a lease agreement with an international battery cell manufacturer. A land reservation agreement of one million square meters had then also been entered into with Svenljunga municipality and the land area will also enable the establishment of subcontractors and other buildings. ”Our role if the project succeeds is, among other things, to build and own the factory premises. Fully developed, it is about a lettable area of ​​up to about 380,000 square meters, so it is an extremely large project “, says Niklas Zuckerman. . “It is still a declaration of intent. But after working with this for several months, we are still just as optimistic “, says Niklas Zuckerman.Niklas Zuckerman, CEO of Logistea.Niklas Zuckerman, CEO of Logistea. Photo: Jenny LagerqvistWhat happens to the project then?
“Our role right now is to continue to look at the conditions together with the municipality and Freyr and drive the detailed plan process to ensure an establishment,” says Niklas Zuckerman. And Svenljunga municipality confirms to Di that it has started work on the detailed plan since March. “This is a fantastic opportunity not only for the municipality but the whole region. Svenljunga municipality is now making a large gathering of forces to enable this enormous project “, says Magnus Nilsson, who himself recently resigned as municipal manager to take up the new position as project manager for the detailed planning work. Magnus Nilsson, project manager Svenljunga municipality.Magnus Nilsson, project manager Svenljunga municipality. Photo: Johanna Sander / Svenljunga municipalitySvenljunga municipality has acquired all the land needed and has set aside SEK 6 million to produce a detailed plan and the goal is to have it ready by 2023, according to Magnus Nilsson. ”The competence supply and infrastructure are some of all the points that must be secured. The electricity grid will probably need to be strengthened: Even if we do not charge anything in advance, we are currently very optimistic and hopeful “, he concludes. The government is also pleased with the possible Norwegian giant investment.” The plans in Svenljunga are gratifying and important. We are carrying out a green industrial revolution in Sweden with reduced emissions and new jobs “, says Minister of the Environment and Climate Annika Strandhäll (S). Minister for the Environment and Climate Annika Strandhäll (S)Minister for the Environment and Climate Annika Strandhäll (S) Photo: Lars Schröder / TT Kim Lundin

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