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Published: May 4, 2023, 3:52 p.mIn 2018, five long-standing bakeries became a major player. Since then, the fast-growing bakery Bake My Day has created echoes in the industry. Now they are taking new steps into the future – with a 10,000 square meter premises in Explore Arlandastad. – A logistically great location, says Moses Isik, CEO of Bake My Day.EXTERNAL LINK: Read more about Explore ArlandastadThe Swedish fika culture has become an institution and an international concept. With the slogan that life is too short for boring bread, Bake My Day has in a short time found a special position in a competitive market. Carefully selected ingredients. Pastries made by hand from scratch. Bake My Day offers artisanal, authentic and generous pastry and bakery goods. They can be found today at several grocers, in hotels, restaurants, cafes and at various municipal operations around the country.

Space to think big

To meet the increasing demand, they needed to find larger premises where their business could grow. The aim was to look for premises in growth areas near Stockholm where there were premises as large as they needed and which could be adapted to their needs for sustainable growth and advantageous logistics solutions. All that was in Explore Arlandastad, which is owned by the property development company Arlandastad Group. That’s why Bake My Day chose to move its entire operation to the expansive land area between Stockholm and Uppsala. Together with Arlandastad Group, they entered into a JV company to build a brand new bakery of approximately 10,000 square meters.

Strategic location between Sweden’s two growing regions

Bake My Day invests in having the best ingredients and tastiest recipes, without it burning a hole in the wallet. – Our passion is to create experiences for our customers. From your breakfast bread to coffee at work and all “celebration occasions”. We have a very passionate staff who do everything with love and are proud of their profession, says Moses Isik. As the bakery has grown rapidly in recent years, the idea arose to look for larger available business areas in the Stockholm region. The goal was to find a premises of 10,000 square meters within 20 minutes of Stockholm. – Since we manage our distribution ourselves, we prioritized the logistics location and proximity to the motorway when looking for new premises. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to set up shop in Explore Arlandastad. The area has a strategic location directly at the E4 and between two of Sweden’s fastest growing regions – Stockholm and Uppsala, explains Moses.

Long-term plan and expansion

Together with the Arlandastad Group, Bake My Day entered into a JV company for the giant bakery. At the same time, a 15-year lease was signed with a long-term plan and future development. – We already knew that there were large unexploited areas in the area. So this turned out to be a good match for both of us. From a logistical perspective, the location is great. It is easy to get to in all directions. In addition, Arlandastad Group has been unique in its offer and with its flexibility to create a Joint Venture with us, says Moses Isik. In what way do you hope to continue to grow with the new location and in the larger premises? – To manage our ongoing expansion we have been looking for available spaces in the Stockholm region. We have involved several property developers and municipalities to find the right location. Then we realized that large areas are very difficult to find. Especially with a short schedule of 24 months. The hope with our investment is to reach a wider geography and have room to continue growing with our existing and new customers in Explore Arlandastad. We really believe in the development of the place. Now we look forward to opening in our new premises in the first quarter of 2024. Doesn’t it feel risky to build a 10,000 square meter bakery in the current times? – No. Despite the current times, we have achieved our absolute best result. Our concept works well and we see it all as a long-term investment. The approximately 10,000 square meter bakery will initially contribute to 150 new jobs and over 200 in the long term.EXTERNAL LINK: Read more about Explore Arlandastad

Arlandastad Group, Explore Arlandastad and Bake My Day

Bake My Day is part of Applied Value Group, a Swedish-American investment, management and consulting and social impact company. Together with the property development company Arlandastad Group, they have entered into a JV company in Explore Arlandastad. Explore Arlandastad is owned and managed by the property development company Arlandastad Group, specialists in identifying strategic land areas and developing properties to their full potential. With 20 minutes to Uppsala, 25 minutes to Stockholm and 5 minutes to the airport, Explore Arlandastad is close to both Sweden and the world. An accelerator for ideas and businesses that need space to think big. More about Explore Arlandastad can be found at The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Arlandastad Group and not an article by Dagens industri

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