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Onevinn delivers IT security that opens up opportunities

Published: September 27, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: September 30, 2022, 11:39 a.m.High IT security means great flexibility. With 24/7 monitoring, quick response and specialist expertise, Onevinn frees up time and resources for companies and at the same time creates better conditions for employees to work remotely. New digital times mean both opportunities and challenges. In recent years, the rapid digitization, development of cloud services and transition to remote work have in many cases made traditional security tools obsolete. Despite that, Onevinn believes that IT security should not be seen as a limitation – but as an opportunity. – A company that has the right security also gets great flexibility. This means, for example, that they get completely different opportunities to offer their employees a more mobile workplace, says Claes Kruse, founder of Onevinn.MDR – a modern and proactive serviceHigh IT security is very much about staying one step ahead, and one key is to move from being reactive to being proactive. To help companies better protect their IT environment, Onevinn offers Managed Detection and Response, MDR, a modern, proactive service that detects and eliminates cyber threats. – With MDR, organizations get 24/7 monitoring. Our offer also differs from traditional monitoring because we do not only passively monitor, but also manage problems as they arise, says Stefan Schörling, Head of MDR at Onevinn. Unlike traditional security solutions, MDR is more comprehensive with a greater focus on managing, protect and detect threats with linked actions. The service includes measures and help to respond to incidents, and it also handles measures in preventive security work. In MDR, AI and machine learning are used to respond quickly and with better precision. The monitoring takes place 24/7 by people in interaction with technology. – If the time, resources and competence are not available within the company, a modern MDR service is a good solution to accelerate your capabilities in cyber security. We connect to the systems the customer uses and then monitor the entire landscape. The security analyst takes care of the alarms and makes decisions about measures. In case of major incidents, an Incident Response Team steps in and helps, says Stefan Schörling.Good protection creates opportunitiesDespite the fact that no industry today is spared from cyber attacks, Onevinn does not like to talk about IT security from a threat perspective. Instead, they emphasize the opportunities that good protection creates, including the possibility of more flexible forms of work. – The brake on a car, you have it to be able to drive faster – not slower. Good protection provides more resources to develop the company’s core business, and with Onevinn at the helm you don’t even have to think about the threat picture, says Claes Kruse.Facts:With Onevinn’s MDR service, you can let go of responsibility and safely let us take care of your IT security. Based on your requirements and needs, we ensure that the business has appropriate security that protects data, information and assets. Onevinn takes greater responsibility with you as a customer, and we contribute to a more efficient, faster and proactive incident The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Onevinn and not an article by Dagens industri

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