Terrorist demands 10 bitcoins not to explode alleged bomb at airport


This Sunday (17) three bomb threats were registered in the capital of Maldives. An unknown person sent messages to the email addresses of various institutions, including the Parliament of the Republic, the Chisinau International Airport and the Central Market.

According to local newsa bomb threat was also recorded at the Gagauzia Executive Committee building in Comrat, a city in Moldova and the capital of the Gagauzia Autonomous Region.

The author of the email about the Parliament attack claims that he belongs to the Dirlewanger Legion and is disappointed that the Moldovans do not have the courage to attack the Transnistria region.

In the message he also mentions that he has placed 30 bombs that will explode if he does not receive 10 bitcoins..

False threat?

All specialized services immediately arrived at the alleged bomb sites. People were evacuated, buildings and areas were searched, however, nothing was found.

The author of the email about the bomb claims that he is allegedly disappointed “by the citizens of Moldova because they do not attack the Transnistria region”. Furthermore, the unknown sender of the messages mentions that he installed 30 explosive devices.

This is not the first wave of false threats to emerge in the country. Police have recorded dozens of cases of bomb threats in public and private places. The Information and Security Service, together with the National Investigations Inspectorate, created a working group to investigate the threats.

In such cases, perpetrators can face fines, 240 hours of community service, and prison terms of up to two years.

At the same time, the state spends tens of thousands to verify bogus bomb threats. The cases are being investigated by special case prosecutors, who have turned to foreign colleagues for help.

The Ministry of the Interior insists that penalties for such acts should be toughened.

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