Tax Free Day: Fuels are traded at less than R$4

Charlie Taylor

Today (27), the CNDL (National Chamber of Store Leaders) organized the “Dia Livre de Taxes”. Consequently, gasoline prices reached R $ 4 in Brasilia. The discounts offered by the establishments reach 70%. This is because several establishments in the country are proposing to sell their products, without the incidence of taxes to consumers. Approximately 1,200 cities participate in the movement, approximately. The movement, which has already happened in other years, generated a huge demand for gas stations that adhered to the proposal. In Brasília (DF), drivers spent the entire night in lines so as not to miss the discount. The price reduction per liter of fuel there was from R $ 5,879 to R $ 3,799. Likewise, the gas stations in Santa Catarina, of the Havan chains, in Barra Velha, Brusque, Palhoça and Araranguá sold the liter of gasoline for R $3,399 according to businessman Luciano Hang.Pizza Day FoxbitHowever, the offer had a limit of 5,000 liters per establishment, so each driver could supply only 15 liters with the promotional price. The campaign, created in 2006, tries to make consumers and entrepreneurs aware of the high cost of taxes in Brazil. the national coordinator of CDL Jovem (Young Shopkeepers Chamber of Directors), Raphael Paganini, says that the action is a way of showing consumers how high taxation affects their purchases. “Brazilians work for about 5 months just to pay taxes. With this huge taxation, products are more expensive, so the population buys less. This influences the decrease in the numbers of retailers, which are obliged to pass on taxes on the value of products, resulting in less sales, investments and job creation ”, says Paganini. In summary, CDL-DF (Chamber of District Store Directors Federal) informed that this is the 15th edition of the movement. They claim that Brazil is one of the 30 countries that collect the most tax, since it is the last that most returns the money to its population.

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