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Energy as a service for an changing industry

Published: April 12, 2022, 08:49 Updated: April 19, 2022, 15:43“With Adven / Värmevärden’s partnership model, important competitive advantages are created in the industry,” says Louise Kierkegaard. The industry is facing major challenges that require several extensive changes in parallel. New forms of cooperation around energy and water are a way to increase focus on what drives growth, without having to compromise on other things. In today’s energy discussions, the volatile electricity and energy market takes a large place, at the same time as it becomes increasingly important to understand the entirety of industry’s energy use. In this context, the driving forces for more efficient energy solutions and to become less dependent on fossil and imported fuels are increasing. This is something that Adven / Värmevärden specializes in. – The more complex and unpredictable the electricity and energy market becomes, the more important it becomes for the industry to invest in the energy issue in order to maintain its competitiveness. The question is how best to do it? We have the capital and project and technology expertise, but we are not a bank, consultant or supplier: we are a partner whose own business is based on creating long-term added value for our customers and for the planet. Instead of companies spending time, resources and capital on cost-driving infrastructure, we can through our partnership model deliver energy as a service and create security when the industry needs to think new, says Louise Kierkegaard, Industry Lead Pulp & Paper at Adven / Värmevärden.From cost drivers to competitive advantageThe company’s customers are in many energy-intensive industries. Louise Kierkegaard herself works with the forest industry, an industry that faces major challenges with a declining printing paper market in combination with strong growth in the packaging market. In parallel with the adjustment that needs to be made, the industry has large commitments linked to the sustainability goals. – In order to be competitive, an industry today must run several adjustment processes in parallel. With a partner, focus, time and capital are freed up to be able to do so, while at the same time creating competitive advantages by daring to focus. We believe this is a key to success, says Louise Kierkegaard.Effective and long-term collaboration models More and more industries are seeing the benefits of collaborating with a partner on processes that do not generate value in the core business. In recent years, Adven / Värmevärden has doubled the number of projects carried out in industry and today invests around SEK 1 billion annually in industries in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics. Projects that the industry would traditionally have carried out on its own. – More and more people are open to finding effective collaboration models that are also long-term. The degree of collaborations around, for example, energy production varies between industries and countries, but what we are seeing right now are industries that in many ways are forced to challenge themselves to achieve new goals, says Louise Kierkegaard.About Energy as a service®:Energy as a service is Adven / Värmevärden’s model for long-term partnerships in energy and water. We are responsible for the investment and take responsibility throughout the process: from development and construction of the facility, to operation and maintenance. Read more about Energy as a service The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Adven / Värmevärden and not an article by Dagens industri

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