Targeting the gamer audience, Nvidea reduces the ETH mining capacity of its new boards

Charlie Taylor

In order to stabilize the price and keep the stock for the gamer audience, Nvidea has officially made the drastic reduction in the ETH hashrate applied to its next-generation graphics cards. Plates manufactured from the end of May will include reduced mining capacity. The gamer audience knows better than anyone how much the hardware market has been affected by the recent cryptocurrency boom. Combined with the recent rise in the dollar, prices for computer components have skyrocketed. State-of-the-art video cards, such as the RTX 3080, had a 70% increase in price. The increase affected the hardware market, as miners started to demand more state-of-the-art graphics chip Nvidea (generation 3000), lower performance cards also had a considerable increase with the lowest offer on the market. For comparison, a Radeon RX580 (video card responsible for image generation), which is little used for mining due to its capacity, could be found at an average price of R $ 1,100 at the end of 2019, currently, the same board can be found at a price of R $ 6,400 reais. Starring an increase of almost 500%. In view of this movement of miners that is stifling the demand for video cards aimed at games, Nvidea made a decision to benefit gamers customers. The newly manufactured plates from the end of May will contain a limited ETH hash fee in order to keep miners out of demand, satisfying the gamer market. The cards intended for the gamer audience will contain an ‘LHR’ or ‘Lite Hash Rate’ banner, signaling to customers the implied limitation on the GPU.

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In a statement posted on a blog, the company reiterates:"To help get GeForce GPUs into the hands of players, we announced in February that all GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards were shipped with a reduced Ethereum hash rate."The decision differs with the view of the main competitor, AMD, which in March announced that it will not restrict the Hash Rate for its new card, the Radeon RX6700 XT. In AMD's view, an artificial limitation of the card's performance would hurt demand for both audiences, both the gamer and the mining public.To stay up to date, follow QR Capital on Instagram and Twitter.Content Aiming at the gamer audience, Nvidea reduces the ETH mining capacity of its new boards appears first in BlockTrends – Blockchain | Investments | Economy.

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