Swedish media send equipment to Ukrainian journalists

Charlie Taylor

For the second time, Bonnier News security chief Crister Ohlsson will deliver a van full of equipment from Swedish media actors to Ukrainian journalists – equipment that will soon be used on the war front in Ukraine. “Many have been involved and the contribution, it is a great commitment” , says Crister Ohlsson.Published: 21 March 2022, 21:09“This is our way to help colleagues who are vulnerable and have difficulty performing their work. Free independent journalism is part of a democracy – that’s why this is very important “, says Crister Ohlsson, head of security at Bonnier News, which includes Dagens industri. In the first turn, the focus was on security equipment – this time he has video cameras and still cameras. ”A new distress call came. The journalists needed cameras and other technical equipment, so then we did the same thing again: We asked other Swedish media companies about equipment, and this time we got even more stuff than the first turn. ”Crister Ohlsson sent out an inquiry as late as last Tuesday week, and it was not long before the answers began to well up. Within five days, he had filled an entire van with equipment. ”I have with me 35 camcorders in complete bags, about 40 still cameras, eight drones and fifteen powerbanks that can charge a phone 20 times. Then I also have a fully portable podcast study and 15 bulletproof vests. ”The equipment comes from a number of different media houses and institutions. “There are many who have been involved and the contribution, it is a great commitment and you get a response directly to inquiries. But I think that is noticeable in the whole society, everyone wants to help. ”Crister Ohlsson is coming to drive the equipment to Warsaw, Poland, where he will hand over the cargo to the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Through its network, and in close collaboration with Ukrainian journalists, the newspaper will then distribute the equipment further into Ukraine. To ensure that the equipment really reaches journalists, and does not go astray, only media partners are used, such as Reporters Without Borders and local actors on site in Poland and Ukraine. ”No other organizations come into contact , so we feel safe in it. There are no intermediaries who are not connected to the media. Then we also get feedback from journalists in Ukraine who contact us with equipment we have sent down – and thank you for the help they have received from Bonnier News. ”

This is how the help arrives

The auxiliary transport that Bonnier News organizes includes cameras, video cameras, drones and more from Dagens industri, Expressen TV, Aftonbladet, TV4, Nyhetsbyrån TT, UR (Utbildningsradion), Göteborgs-Posten, Medieinstitutet Fojo and Södertörn University. The previous transport included helmets and bulletproof vests from Swedish Television, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen and Dagens Nyheter. The equipment is distributed into Ukraine by the aid fund backed by the Polish morning newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and Bonnier News. The needs of the Ukrainian media are continuously reported by four domestic media organizations, including the Ukrainian Journalists’ Association. Jakob Gromer

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