Swedish export managers’ optimism fades


REPORTSTHE STOCKHOLM EXCHANGE– Elekta (at 7.30), Netel (at 7.30), Scandi Standard (at 7.30), Raysearch (at 7.45), Bioinvent (at 8.00), Saniona (at 8.00), Vicore Pharma (at 8.00), Vivesto (at 8.00) , Ortivus (at 8.30), Wise Group (at 8.30), Strax (at 8.55), Instalco (at 11.00), Malmbergs (at 12.15), Systemair (at 13.00), IBT, LundbergsNGM– AIK Football, Archelon Natural Resources, Coegin Pharma, Gold Town Games, Metacon, Safe Lane Gaming, Sun4energyFIRST NORTH– Nanoform (at 7.10), Student housing (at 7.15), Checkin.com (at 7.30), Clavister (at 8.00), Physitrack (at 8.00), Precio Fishbone (at 8.00), Ranplan (at 8.00), Viva Wine Group ( at 8.00), AAC Clyde Space (at 8.30), Axichem (at 8.30), Crunchfish (at 8.30), Fsport (at 8.30), Incoax (at 8.30), Intellego (at 8.30), Talkpool (at 8.30), Lidds ( at 9:30 a.m.), Clean Motion (approx. at 6:00 p.m.), 2Curex, Acarix, Addera Care, Aegirbio, Alzecure Pharma, Alzinova, Annexin, Asarina Pharma, Aventura, BBS, Brighter, Cell Impact, Chromogenics, Combigene, Compodium, Corline Biomedical, Dlaboratory , Duearity, Enersize, EOS Invest, Euroafrica Digital, Ferroamp, First Venture, Fluoguide, Fram, Gapwaves, Generic, Greater Than, Herantis Pharma, Idogen (before IPO), Jetpak, Kebni, Kentima, Kopy Goldfields, Lauritz.com, Link Prop Investment, Linkfire, Netmore Group, Nicoccino, Northbaze, Pharmacolog, Plexian, Qiiwi Games, Realfiction, Rebelle, Saxlund, Scandion Oncology, Sileon, Skolon, Solnaberg Property, Surgical Science, Swedish Airgel, ZignsecFIRST NORTH FINLAND– Faron Pharmaceuticals (at 8 a.m.), Fifax (at 8 a.m.), Leaddesk, Partnera, Titanium, VincitFIRST NORTH DENMARK– Agillic, Audientes, Egnsinvest Owned Germany, Enalyzer, Hydract, Impero, LED Ibond, NexcomSPOTLIGHT– JS Security (at 8 a.m.), 24Sevenoffice, Amhult 2, Amnode, Aptahem, Beyond Frames, Biofrigas, Bodyflight, C Security, Cereno Scientific, Comintelli, Curasight, Dancann Pharma, Dicot, Ecore Group, Eurocine, Freetrailer, Future Gaming, Gomero Group, Logistri, Motion Display, Mälaråsen, Nanocap, ODI Pharma, Pexa, Sensodetect, Sustainion, Tingsvalvet, Umida, Wicket GamingTHE OTHER NORDIC– Salmar (at 6.30), Norwegian (at 7.00), Fortum (around 8.00), Frontline, Golden OceanOTHER FOREIGNERS– GAP (after the US stock markets close) (around 10:15 p.m.), Abercrombie (before the US stock markets open), Dell (after the US stock markets close)VOICES– Addtech, Elekta, Systemair, Uswe SportsSTOCK EXCHANGE AND COMPANY PRESENTATIONS– Salmar: report presentation at 8.00am- Checkin.com: report presentation at 8.30am- Norwegian: report presentation at 8.30am- Scandi Standard: report presentation at 8.30am- Clavister: report presentation at 9.00am- Crunchfish: report presentation at 9.00am- JS Security: report presentation at 9.00am- Netel: report presentation at 9 a.m.- Elekta: report presentation at 10 a.m.- Fortum: report presentation at 10 a.m.- Physitrack: report presentation at 10 a.m.- Raysearch: report presentation at 10 a.m.- Viva Wine Group: report presentation at 11 a.m.- Systemair: report presentation at 1:30 p.m.- Acarix: report presentation at 2 p.m.- Audientes: live broadcast report interview. Link to event: https://youtu.be/EDKdCFi4xHc at 2 p.m.- Instalco: report presentation at 2 p.m.- Nanoform: report presentation at 2 p.m.- Brighter: report presentation at 3 p.m.- Frontline: report presentation at 3 p.m.- Golden Ocean: report presentation at 4 p.m.STOCK EXCHANGE STATISTICS– Paper: monthly figures paper deliveries Europe from Eurograph at 16.00EXCLUSIVE DIVIDEND– Bergman & Beving (3:40 SEK)MACRO STATISTICS– Statistics Sweden: household lending July at 8 a.m.- Statistics Sweden: savings barometer Q2 at 8 a.m.- Germany: GDP (def) Q2 at 8 a.m.- France: business climate indicator August at 8.45 a.m.- Germany: IFO index August at 10 a.m.- USA: GDP (prel) Q2 at 2:30 p.m.- USA: newly reported unemployed weekly data at 2:30 p.m.- RGK: announces real bond issue at 4:20 p.m.- USA: Kansas City Fed index August at 5 p.m.CENTRAL BANK– South Korea: interest rate announcement at 3.00 a.m. – ECB: minutes from the Council meeting on 7/21 at 1.30 p.m.

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