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Innovative packaging solutions that are right in time

Published: September 13, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: September 16, 2022, 11:16 a.m.By cutting down on burdensome packaging materials and using more environmentally friendly alternatives instead, you can reduce a larger amount of environmental footprint. Strömsnäs Förpackningar has an innovative range of paper packaging that both protects the products, reduces transport weight and replaces environmentally hazardous packaging. – We offer a product portfolio with many positive features that are just right for the times, says Magnus Modalen, owner of Strömsnäsbolagen. The demand for paper packaging has increased significantly , which is due, among other things, to a higher degree of environmental awareness, explosive e-commerce and rising wood prices. Strömsnäs Förpackningar has a wide range of honeycomb, pallet meads, packing litter, edge protectors, pallets, edge supports, u-profiles, flat strips and flexible edge protectors. – Our paper products are based on different modules and you can combine them in different ways to get a flexible packaging solution . Odd sizes and formats are no more difficult for us to manufacture than standard models, says Peter Stjernquist, operations manager at Strömsnäs Pörpackningar.100 percent recyclable productSF Honeycomb is a niche product and can be compared to a wooden board, but is instead made of paper and is 100 percent recyclable. The hexagonal inner cell structure and the superior raw material provide an outstanding compression strength and stiffness, which makes it shock-absorbing, sound-insulating and able to withstand impacts and loads. The best-seller SF Pallar is composed of SF Honeycomb and SF Pallmed and can be manufactured in all imaginable sizes. A big advantage of the SF Pallet is that it always weighs less than the wooden pallet – an SF Pallet weighs one fifth of a EUR pallet, while it has a guaranteed load of 1,400 kilos. – It is an old belief that paper cannot withstand anything . We tried to load 10 tons with an even load and the pallet held up to the pressure, says Peter Stjernquist.Easy recyclingAnother important advantage for both the environment and the end customer is that the material is recycled directly at source sorting, instead of at the recycling station. In 2022, the business will be FSC-certified, which guarantees traceability of forest products and sustainable forestry. Strömsnäs Förpackningar is part of the Strömsnäs companies, which also consists of Freight (haulage with 30 crews that daily transports all of southern Sweden), Warehouse (industrial logistics of 50,000 square meters) , as well as Local rental (offices, industrial and warehouse premises).- Based on our various operations, we can offer package and complete solutions without intermediaries, says Magnus Modalen. Bright future for Småland packagingAs for the future visions, Strömsnäs Pörpackningar wants to expand its operations, broaden its product range and continue the work of working even closer to its wholesalers. – We are hard-working Småland people and we want to continue and take advantage of the hundred-year-old paper tradition in Strömsnäsbruk, which sees the future bright for Strömsnäs Packaging, concludes Peter Stjernquist. Visit us on our website to read more about our innovative products About Strömsnäs Pörpackningar AB:Strömsnäs Pörpackningar is an environmentally conscious company located in the Småland forests. With a long history of manufacturing linked to packaging and paper, in the small town of Strömsnäsbruk in Markaryd municipality, Strömsnäs Pörpackningar continues the over 100-year-old paper tradition. Today through the development and manufacture of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that reduce the environmental footprint, minimize transport costs and secure products during transport. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Strömnäs packaging and not an article by Dagens industri

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