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Consat takes customers’ core operations to new digital heights

Published: 21 February 2023, 09:00 Updated: 3 March 2023, 08:57Digitization affects all industries and businesses. The engineering company Consat has long played an important role as an industrial partner for the automation of processes, new technology and digital tools. Now they take their business a step further and launch new opportunities for client companies to become more creative, efficient and productive. – We are extremely keen to take the time to familiarize ourselves with and understand the customers’ process. That understanding is extremely important to have before integrating a new tool. We know what happens on the factory floor. That, combined with our expertise in all areas of digital transformation, is our strength. That makes us a reliable partner in the customers’ digitization journey and development of new business models, says Orvar Hurtig, CEO of Consat. Vinay Dhar has over 25 years of global digital engineering experience from, among others, Ericsson and is now Head of Digital Business at Consat. Here he is both part of the engineering team and is responsible for Consat’s digital business development. – Consat has extensive industry knowledge and a unique position because we have helped companies and industries build their machines. Now we connect additional competence in IoT, cloud, software and digital platform – so industry and digitization become a “perfect match”. What we at Consat have that makes us unique compared to competitors is that we also understand what happens in the customers’ core business. We work on site, close to our customers, until we really understand what challenges they face in their production processes and what technology they use and need going forward, says Vinay Dhar. He explains how Consat then, once they have mapped the core business, supports throughout the customer journey. Customers can easily connect their devices and get real-time data. With the platform as a starting point, companies can then scale up the number of connected devices, add functionality and apply AI tools. As an example, he mentions how Consat recently, in close cooperation with a multinational customer in the automotive industry, developed a digital platform and EDGE gateway in order to connect the customer’s products in real time. It helps the customer find better ways to streamline their operations and open up new business opportunities. – Working with the knowledge and skill we have managed to build up within Consat is fantastic. Every day is a fun challenge for me with emphasis on fun. Digitization is now being discussed at board level in companies, everyone understands the importance of really embracing and keeping up with the digital development. We who work at Consat are happy to be part of this exciting development, says Vinay Dhar.About ConsatConsat was started in 1986 and is today one of Sweden’s leading, privately owned engineering companies, divided into five subsidiaries; Consat Engineering AB – implements projects and provides services within product and production development as well as system and software development, Consat Telematics AB – develops and provides ITS systems for public transport, Consat Data AB – works with network and system maintenance Consat Sustainable Energy Systems AB – implements energy efficiency projects within commercial real estate and Consat Innovation Partner who help existing and new customers with new types of collaborations and not least with new types of product offerings and innovations. More information: www.consat.se The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Consat and not an article by Dagens industri

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