Survey: 50% of people between 33 and 44 years old got involved with cryptocurrencies

Charlie Taylor

A survey by security company ESET showed an increase in people using apps from fintechs, online banking platforms and cryptocurrencies. The survey studied online habits of 2,000 consumers in the United States and 8,000 among the UK, Japan, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. The report found the following data: 93% of people feel safe using online banking, with 55% of people saying they feel “very safe” 29% of people log in and use financial accounts while connected to Wi- Public Fi or other open networks “all the time”, while another 22% do so “sometimes” 39% of people do not use a VPN to protect their connection while using financial applications66% of people feel secure about their accounts / money while using digital wallet apps, 63% of people feel secure about the app budget and 59% of people feel secure about their bills / money when using trading apps Before using the services of a FinTech app, only 31% of people read the terms and conditions, 30% read the privacy policy and 20% look for the encryption policy.

Pandemic accelerated adoption of cryptocurrencies

They also found that 50% of respondents aged 35 to 44 have been involved with cryptocurrencies since the beginning of the pandemic, "more than any other age group". “As more consumers turn to online and mobile banking for their financial transactions, they seem to be becoming more educated about staying safe online. However, many people still need to be sure that they are practicing safe cyber habits that do not make their financial information more vulnerable to bad actors, ”said Tony Anscombe, ESET's chief security evangelist.

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The increase in the number of investors happens while the cryptocurrency market reaches record prices. Read also: Central Bank helped bitcoin exchanges with Pix, reveals survey

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