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Lack of financial compliance can be very costly

Published: 30 August 2022, 10:27 Updated: 5 September 2022, 11:24It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to secure their financial compliance with the rapid changes that occur in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. This means that it has become increasingly important to choose a legal partner who has excellence in the field when, for example, you want to secure your ongoing operations, launch new products or are interested in business acquisitions in the financial sector. – The rapid development has made it significantly more risky to run companies in the financial sector today and much more difficult for companies to ensure their compliance with the rules alone, says Martin Orehag, lawyer and co-owner of MORE Evander. In recent years, there has been an incredibly rapid development of the financial regulations that companies in the financial sector must follow, where the new rules are drawn up at EU level. Failure to comply with the regulations can lead to, among other things, a warning and very significant fines, and ultimately the withdrawal of the permits that companies have with the Financial Supervisory Authority. – Often supervisory processes by the Financial Supervisory Authority also lead to a large negative media impact. Therefore, it is important to get expert legal help in these matters so that you do the right thing from the start and avoid expensive mistakes, says Martin Orehag. Great focus on the financial sectorThe law firm MORE Evander today helps, among other things, securities companies, fund companies, payment institutions and financial institutions with both single projects or ongoing compliance and risk assignments. The agency also assists with legal expertise and project management in application processes and business acquisitions. MORE In recent years, Evander has had a major focus on IT and the financial sector and has built up a cutting-edge expertise in these sectors. – We have extensive experience in working with both IT and regulatory compliance issues in the financial sector. Therefore, today we are at the forefront of the field and understand the rapid digital development and the reality that many of our customers operate in. This is a prerequisite for us to be able to help our clients with qualitative expertise regarding the increasingly complex issues that arise. As a relatively small law firm, with 11 employees, MORE Evander has all the advantages a small firm can have when it comes to building a close, personal client relationship. At the same time, thanks to its membership in ADVOC, the firm has access to global expertise from more than 5,500 lawyers and the law firms they work for and can support its clients both in Sweden and internationally. With a close customer focus, digitalization development at the own agency also becomes an increasingly important issue. – In the legal profession, we really need to make it easier for our clients and complement our traditional consulting offerings with digital ones. We are currently developing various digital solutions and first we will launch a digital agreement platform that is based on the legal craft and the issues we encounter. A solution that we think has been missing on the market and that many of our clients have been asking for, concludes Martin Orehag.About MORE Evander MORE Evander is more than just a law firm. The combination of that industry knowledge – especially in IT and the financial market – and our legal knowledge make us a legal and business partner. With the aim of building long-term relationships, we can understand clients’ operations and visions, which together with our experience and international connection gives our clients the best advice. Read more here! The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Advokatfirman MORE Evender and not an article by Dagens industri

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