Startup announces the launch of “sex-to-earn” and promises to give cryptocurrency to those who have sex


With the promises of Web 3.0 and its growth, more and more solutions appear on the Internet that want to embark on this wave. One of them is the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies and tokens to carry out activities, mainly electronic games, such as Axie Infinity.

However, a new company is looking to go one step further and create a way to earn crypto while having sex, or Sex-to-Earnwhat’s his name.

In the sex-to-earn model, as well as in play-to-earn, users must complete missions and improve performance to earn cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs. The SEXN company promises that it will give these rewards to its users based on “How much effort do they put into the act?”

Have sex to earn cryptocurrencies

What vice sampleSEXN offers “Two of the indispensable things that humans love most: sex and money.” The idea behind the company is that when it’s time for intimacy, whether with a partner or alone, users will start a performance timer on their phones to earn the Company Sex Orgasm Token ($SOT)which should be released this week.

Depending on your performance you earn more tokens, just like STEPN, only instead of running/walking… you know what you have to do.

The funniest thing about the whole situation is imagining that the person has to ask the other to “wait a moment before turning on the application to earn money” during sex.

There will be four “modes” to earn crypto on SEXN, according to the project whitepaper, each mode offering tokens at different levels and requiring users to have special combinations of NFTs to unlock.

NFTs are illustrations of condoms and other sex toys. What draws the attention of some is that the quality of these NFTs is quite doubtful, even for the artistic level of the sector, supposedly having invited professional artists to do the drawings.

According to the description, SEXN will feature the following modes:

Intercourse: For holders of NFT “Preservativo”; users will press the app’s home button just before having sex, and “the app will determine if you’re having sex based on biometric information from the sensors.”

Masturbation: users wear a motion-tracking bracelet to earn tokens.

Sex-to-Earn dubious project

doSex-to-Earn, and how will this be measured? It’s not clear yet, but the project says it wants to develop a “wearable” device to track movement information.

It’s as scary as it looks. Not to mention that they also plan to develop the “Sadism and Masochism Mode”, which they say is based on professional evaluations to implement methods due to “latent risks”.

At the moment, it is not clear how real the SEXN project is, if it is actually a clever joke, a publicity stunt, or if it will ever deliver on its promises.

Everything about this project raises suspicions, its information is very vague and its objective itself borders on the absurd, in addition to the dubious quality of its “arts”, enough red flags for many to question whether the project is really serious.

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