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Now the Stansefabrikken is investing fully in a green shift

Published: April 25, 2023, 10:00 a.m. Updated: May 2, 2023, 10:26 a.m.The goal of a greener society, which in turn has led to increased demand for electrified mobility, places high demands on the manufacturers of components in the automotive industry. Stansefabrikken Automotive, which is one of these companies, therefore has a great responsibility to shoulder – but Stefan Nord, sales manager, is not worried. – We are well prepared for the transition towards a more sustainable future in the automotive industry. The path to a sustainable transition is only possible if the energy sources are also sustainable. This, in conjunction with increasing electrification, means that a large part of the challenge includes an increased need for batteries with high energy storage capacity. As a supplier and manufacturer of products for, among other things, the automotive and battery industry, Stansefabrikken is an important part of the changeover. – We see that the global demand for batteries is expected to increase tenfold in the coming decade. This means that we have to prepare for a technical change as well as thinking about what should actually be done in production. We have therefore made the necessary preparations so that we are ready for what is to come, says Stefan. For example, Stefan says that they put a lot of focus on increasing the traceability and recycling of the materials used to in turn ensure a sustainable production chain.– The entire life cycle and carbon footprint of each product must be calculated. We and our suppliers work together to adhere to these principles and our industrial park in Lithuania is already powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Thus, we are ready to help our customers achieve their goals when the new EU requirements come into force. At the forefront of development with sustainable componentsRecently, the EU granted a temporary agreement to review the rules for batteries. These mean that all the parts needed to build a battery cell must be clean, automated, precise and stable. At the same time, battery passports must be introduced, which means that all components of a battery must be traceable, something that Stansefabrikken is in the process of carrying out. – We have already started traceability work in several areas. For example, we use smart tools that store information and give each component a label that ensures traceability. This means that we are at the forefront of the new directives and that our customers can implement our components without a change being required once the new rules are applied, says Stefan. The excellence benefits the customersThe punch factory specializes in high-volume pressing, automatic welding and punching. In addition to this, they also run R&D and offer support services for companies outside the energy sector. – We can help our customers implement projects, with industrial design, automation and relocation of tools and series production. Our ability to adapt quickly, our creative mindset and intelligent tool concept have also been important to many of our customers. With our cutting-edge expertise, we can help more companies follow us into the sustainable future, concludes Stefan. About the Punch FactoryStansefabrikken Automotive was established in 2008 and is part of Norwegian Stafa Industrier AS, whose turnover in 2022 amounts to NOK 600 million. The company manufactures components and parts for the automotive industry, the furniture industry and several other industries via its own factories in Lithuania. The punch factory is certified according to IATF 16949, Health and Safety ISO45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and works according to the 0 PPM principle. In 2023, it is planned to implement the Energy Management standard ISO50001. Read more at: The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Stansefabrikken and not an article by Dagens industri

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