Starlink, Elon Musk's project, should boost the use of Bitcoin in the world

Charlie Taylor

The companies founded by billionaire Elon Musk are changing the world in different ways. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket made its 8th trip in the last few days containing more satellites for the Starlink network, a project that should not only revolutionize internet access, but should also boost the use of Bitcoin in the world.
The Starlink network is a satellite internet project that aims to bring remote access to the world wide web with high speed and low latency connections to the most remote places in the world. The company's website reports that connections from 50 mb / s to 150 mb / s with a latency of 20 ms to 40 ms will be available in the coming months in most locations.
With this last charge, a total of 1037 satellites are already in Earth orbit providing internet to some countries. 12,000 satellites are expected to be sent to complete the first phase of the project.
The network will allow anyone to have free access to the internet in polar regions, deserts, forests, war zones and dictatorial countries that limit internet access.Alter 2
Although similar solutions already exist, Starlink intends to bring internet at a substantially lower cost and with considerably faster speed and latency globally, with a lower orbit than conventional internet satellites, for better network optimization.
The installation of the Starlink antenna is also another differential. Just leave it in an open area and it will automatically connect to the nearest satellite, much simpler than the current satellite internet installation.

Boosting Bitcoin

The network will allow access to the internet to anyone in the world. This also means that people from anywhere will be able to use the Bitcoin network freely.
In addition to inhospitable areas such as deserts, forests and glaciers, people in totalitarian dictatorships or countries that prohibit or limit the use of cryptocurrency or that limit access to the internet through firewalls and interruptions, will be able to trade bitcoin easily.
Not for nothing, the idea is already becoming the enemy of some governments around the world. Russia even considered the imposition of fines for those using foreign satellite internet networks.
The big issue here is that this type of inspection is very difficult, making the prohibition ineffective in practice, especially with the discretion of the antenna that does not occupy much space or draws much attention.
Starlink antenna. Source: Ipnews.People from countries with this type of limitation can benefit greatly from the technology. The Chinese, accustomed to circumventing the great Chinese firewall, will no longer have to worry about having to install a VPN to use the internet.
People in North Korea will be able to have the world's first scale access to the internet. It is common for South Koreans to send electronic devices to the country through balloons with instructions so that whoever finds it can use the internet, thus bringing a little information to the dictatorship. With Starlink, this can intensify.
People who live in places where cryptocurrency trading is prohibited will also be able to benefit from the network. What's more, glaciers and cold-weather places may start to be explored by bitcoin miners because of the climate that favors cryptocurrency mining.
The possibilities are diverse, and only the future will tell us what changes will be brought about by this disruptive technology.
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