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Are you a player who needs help with negotiations and signing contracts?
Do you need help with sponsorship agreements for yourself or the association?

Sports in Sweden is by far our largest and most vibrant popular movement, supported by most associations. Today, there are about 19,000 associations spread all over the country., In the associations there are non-profit association members.
One third of the country's population is involved in the sports movement, which thereby has positive effects on society in the form of health economy, integration and commercialization. Sport is one of society's most important engines and makes Sweden stronger. The more people who become part of the sports movement, the better it will be for Sweden, but the sports movement has conflicts just like other movements in the country.

That is why sports law has become more important than ever before.

Sports law includes many legal issues that, among other things, the individual athlete, the sports association or the association have to decide on. It can be about sponsorship agreements, club changes, the board's responsibilities in a non-profit association, the professional athlete's right to parental leave, etc. It is not only general laws and regulations that must be taken into account, but also each sport's individual rules, statutes and policies as well as international regulations. This means that the legal issues in sports can often be very complex and therefore often requires legal expertise that many athletes and associations do not have from the beginning. It is not uncommon for expensive player purchases, sponsorship agreements and events to make sport a multi-billion dollar industry in line with the growing commercialization, which makes assistant lawyers and attorneys a must for resolving legal issues.

Are you an athlete, an association or a federation?

If you need help, for example agreements with clubs, players or sponsors or help with the appeal of individual disciplinary measures, you should contact us. We strive for you to get the best out of every situation!
You are very welcome to contact us and we will help you!
// Nuhi Kalici Jur.kand.

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