SpaceCatch arrives with an innovative Move-to-Earn model


SpaceCatch, an innovative new game that combines classic mobile gameplay with augmented reality, blockchain and NFT Technologies, has come up with an innovative model of Move-to-Earn.

Move-to-Earn models in general:

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the model Move-to-Earn, which allows players to earn money by moving around and being physically active, has become popular over the past year along with the play-to-earn model. This model has quickly gained a lot of supporters due to the fact that it subconsciously forces people to be physically active and rewards them for it.

However, a major weakness of these models is that the rewards are based on an inflationary token, the value of which quickly depreciates due to high rewards. Such games and their tokens can only be profitable if the influx of new players and their investments counter this strong sales pressure.

SpaceCatch Move-to-Earn Model:

SpaceCatch spent a lot of time developing a concept of Move-to-Earn It does not depend on the influx of new players and their capital. It was also important to make sure new players didn’t have to invest a penny in the game. But even without an initial investment, they could benefit from the concept Move-to-Earn.

The SpaceCatch team has succeeded in this seemingly impossible task. In the game, players will be able to use movement and physical activity to acquire various items, which they can then use to create a variety of potions and other boosters, which can then be sold to players.

Crafting Potions & Boosters:

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, players will earn various items for their fitness and use them to create potions and boosters (not NFT). These items will have a huge impact on gameplay as their bonuses will greatly help a player’s game progression. Rarer potions at higher crafting levels will be crafted as NFTs. This means that players will be able to buy and sell these NFTs on the market for real money.

The concept is designed not only to get people to move more often, but also to try to motivate them to be as physically active as possible. The reward for the most skilled players will be that in the early stages of the game they will be the first to create the rarest potions, which they can then sell on the market to other players.

In classic games, you can use real money to directly replenish your health, energy, or buy bonus items. In each of these cases, the game benefits. SpaceCatch, however, completely foregoes these benefits and, thanks to the game to Earn concept, players will distribute their winnings among themselves.


Play-to-earn games and Move-to-Earn they have gained quite a negative reputation in recent months due to super inflationary in-game tokens that are intended as a reward for playing, but are really just camouflage that causes the token to gradually drop to zero. SpaceCatch seeks to completely rebuild these concepts so that sustainability and an end-game experience are top priorities, only then followed by profit.

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