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They invested in solar cells in 2019 – avoid raising the fee

Published: November 22, 2022, 09:13Mikael Johansson is chairman of the condominium association Göteborgshus 38. When the condominium association Göteborgshus 38 chose to invest in solar cells already three years ago, they did not know how good the timing would be. Today, the association is in a rare situation where, despite the current energy crisis, it does not have to make any fee increases. – We are very, very happy and proud, says chairman Mikael Johansson.Read more about Riksbyggen’s energy servicesLast year, the last of the 2,600 solar panels were installed on the 16 houses that make up Rb Brf Göteborgshus 38 in Hisings Kärra in northern Gothenburg. By then, the extensive work had been going on for two years and the result is one of the country’s largest solar cell installations in a condominium association. – Already today, we see that we are producing 30 percent of the total energy consumption, fully in accordance with the forecast of 700,000 kWh per year. Of course, it feels extremely good as we spent a lot of time on this project, says Mikael.

“We don’t have to raise the fee”

When the investment was voted through, it was a long-term mindset that was behind it. But then they didn’t know how hot the issue would become just a few years later. Today, the association is in a situation where in periods they can even sell on a surplus of electricity. – These are resources that go into the association’s coffers for maintenance and that in turn means that we don’t have to raise the fee, at least as it seems out today. It is of course a great relief when you see the challenges that many other condominium associations are grappling with in the current situation. Mikael says that throughout the process the board had a close collaboration with Riksbyggen. – We worked in project groups and have been fortunate to have many experts on the board who been prepared to spend a lot of time on research. But it would never have been possible to carry out such a large project ourselves. The cooperation with Riksbyggen has been fantastic, says Mikael.

Gives effect in the long term

The houses were built in the 1970s and were in need of extensive roof renovation. It was in connection with this that solar cells came into play. Mikael Johansson thinks – especially with hindsight – that it is a matter of course for other condominium associations that are in the process of roof renovations to invest in solar cells. – I would warmly recommend that you look at the opportunity and if you have it, you should take it. Because it will give effect in the long term. It’s not just about the economy, for us it’s also a feather in our cap that we feel involved and contribute to energy savings from a climate perspective.

“Return of around seven percent”

For Riksbyggen, it is an important mission to help housing associations maintain and develop their properties and at the same time become more sustainable. Investments in solar energy, for example, are included in the planning of all new production where possible. And when it comes to installations in existing properties, just like in the case of Brf Göteborgshus 38, the interest today is greater than ever. Even for smaller associations, an investment can be beneficial. – You usually expect a return of around seven percent for solar cells. And it’s a pretty good investment. Especially if you already have the money in the bank and don’t need to take out a loan. Then it might even be better to invest in the solar cells than to let the money sit in the bank, says Mari-Louise Persson, environment and energy manager at Riksbyggen.Install solar cells in the condominium association? Read more here.

About Riksbyggen

Riksbyggen is a cooperative company that develops housing in new production, both residential and rental properties. Riksbyggen is also one of Sweden’s largest property managers with condominium associations as well as commercial and public property owners as clients. Riksbyggen’s business idea is to create attractive and sustainable housing for everyone. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Riksbyggen and not an article by Dagens industri

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