South Korean private turns poop into energy and cryptocurrencies

Charlie Taylor

A South Korean teacher creates a toilet that converts poo into energy and is paying the students who help fill it in cryptocurrency. Cho Jae-weon, is a professor of urban and environmental engineering at the National Institute of Science and Technology in Ulsan (UNIST ), who designed an eco-friendly bathroom.The BeeVi cryptocurrency toilet, South Korean Private, turns poop into energy and cryptocurrenciesCho Jae-weon, a South Korean professor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), standing in front of the tank in the university laboratory, July 6, 2022. Source: REUTERS/Minwoo Park. turns excreta into biogas, uses a vacuum pump to send feces to an underground tank, reducing water use. Microorganisms that break down waste into methane become a source of energy, powering a gas stove, water boiler and also a solid oxide fuel cell. “If you think outside the box, faeces has a precious value in producing energy and manure. I put that value on ecological circulation,” Cho said in an interview with Reuters. It is even possible to do the calculations, according to the environmental engineer. If the average person defecates around 500g a day, this can be converted into 50 liters of methane gas per month. This gas can generate 0.5 kWh of electricity, and considering the red flag tariff of R$ 9.49 per kWh in the state of São Paulo, you could earn R$4.75 using the toilet in one day. Cho created a virtual currency called Ggool, to carry out these transactions. So each person who uses the eco-bath gets 10 Ggool. On the campus of the South Korean university, students can use the currency to buy products ranging from fresh coffee to instant noodles, fruit and books. So the more they eat in the canteen, the more energy they are able to produce in the toilet and consequently they are paid with more cryptocurrencies. It's a good way to save money to pay for tuition.Read More:Buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Coinext
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