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Innovation paves the way for the food of the future

Published: December 8, 2022, 10:10 am Updated: December 8, 2022, 10:53 amIn a test kitchen in Malmö, a recipe was tested and refined 200 times last year. This year, friends and colleagues Ola Secher and Jared Christensen won the year’s most innovative product at the Nordic Organic Food Fair with their Nothing Fishy.Read more about Malmö city’s business lifeIt looks like classic pieces of fried cod, has a distinct fishy taste and crunches in the mouth in the same way as when you sink your teeth into a traditional fish taco. But the product developed by Ola Secher and Jared Christensen contains no fish, at all. – The main ingredients are wheat and an algae product, consisting of three different algae. So no fish as far as the eye can see, says Ola Secher.Ola Secher has been involved in developing Ola Secher has helped develop “Nothing fishy”. When his friend, Jared Christensen, got in touch to ask if he wanted to help develop a new vegan product that would replace fish, Ola Secher was quick to jump in on. – During most of my professional life, I have worked in different ways and in different industries to increase the sustainability and resilience of products and in their various logistical stages. In addition, I have worked as a diving instructor. My heart beats extra for the depths of the ocean, especially as the negative change is so clear, below the surface. So this felt perfect. For several years, Ola Secher has worked as a chef and head chef in restaurants in Sweden and abroad with a focus on so-called molecular gastronomy, creating different textures from a raw material to further enhance the dining experience. – It was thanks to that excellence that Jared got in touch me. When it comes to developing plant-based alternatives to meat and fish products, consistency is a decisive factor. Then it is good to have an understanding of the chemical part of cooking and to be used to working with different algae products, which are often used to create different textures.Jared Christensen has experience in developing plant-based products.Jared Christensen has experience in developing plant-based products. Jared Christensen is also a chef but also has previous experience in developing new, plant-based products. He already had an idea of ​​what the market was asking for before they started. – In a global survey that was done a few years ago, people had to answer the question about what they need to eat more plant-based. Over 70 percent answered “a product that looks and tastes like the original”. So that it would be a substitute for fish, I had already decided, because it does not exist today. At the moment, Nothing Fishy is only sold through wholesalers, but the plan is for it to reach the grocery store next year. The product has been developed and founded in Vadensjö, while a group of families in Malmö, with both big and small connoisseurs, have been given an opinion on the taste, appearance and texture. – Overall, Malmö is a city that embraces new ideas and thoughts about food linked to sustainability, so it has felt good that part of our product development has been here, says Jared Christensen.Edith Salminen can’t help but agree. As a food strategist and one of the founders of Malmö Food Council, she fully agrees that Malmö’s food scene stands out. – And then I’m not just talking about the pub world. The interest in food, food issues and how we should create more sustainable food systems are urgent issues that are high on the agendas of many actors. It is noticeable that Malmö wants to be at the forefront in these contexts. The city is the first in the Nordics to have a so-called Food Council, a kind of expert council with various food skills that wants to promote a holistic view of issues that affect food, culture and sustainability. – Our purpose is to demonstrate the importance of collaboration between different actors to bring about a viable, sustainable and relevant food culture; regardless of whether you work with food in municipal operations, run a fine dining restaurant or urban garden. Everything belongs together. Edith Salminen is a food strategist and one of the founders of the Malmö Food Council.Edith Salminen is a food strategist and one of the founders of the Malmö Food Council. Edith Salminen is convinced that the city’s approach to new businesses and industries is the reason why so much associated with food and foodstuffs is popping up in Malmö. The proximity to various decision-makers in the city is also often mentioned in these contexts, she says. – In Malmö there is a culture of “sharing is caring” which is unique and we want to protect it. Read more about Malmö city’s business life The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with the city of Malmö and not an article by Dagens industri

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