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Praises the robot vacuum cleaner with AI: “Is very luxurious”

Published: June 5, 2023, 2:15 p.mSmart, takes care of itself – and effective against tough stains on the floor. When the family with children got to test the AI ​​vacuum cleaner, the praises poured in. – It feels like a complete cleaning tool, says mother of two Therese about the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra.EXTERNAL LINK: Secure your Roborock S8 Pro Ultra here Together with her husband and two children aged seven and ten, she lives just outside the customs in Stockholm. The children like to be outside and play, which has certain consequences: – Since it is an old house with many trees in the garden, some dirt and above all pollen is getting in at the moment. Even though we no longer have small children, there will also be some gravel and dust that the children drag in, says Therese.Cleaning takes a normal week between one and three hours for the family, depending on how much needs to be dusted or wiped by hand. To help them, the family has a cheaper robot vacuum cleaner from another brand. – What has been negative is that you have to empty it yourself and that the container is small so you have to empty it often. In addition, it is not very smart, as soon as you have changed something from what it has memorized, it goes wrong or crashes into things. Now the family has tested the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra for a few days – and the first impressions are impressive:- It is very luxurious that it is self-emptying and self-cleaning. The thing to remember is that the docking station is large, so it’s not something you can just hide under a piece of furniture or the like, but it requires you to have space.The actual technology behind it the cleaning also gets the thumbs up from Therese: – I think it works well. It has been vacuumed and mopped. For me, the mop was a positive surprise, it was very good and effective and even removed the toothpaste stains on the bathroom floor. If you compare the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra to your regular vacuum cleaner, how does it fare? – It stands up well, if not better. It is easy to maintain and easy to get started with. As I see it, the big advantage is the station with self-emptying, it is extremely nice not to have to clean it yourself. “The time can instead be spent spending time with the family or being at work” Despite the fact that the family has another robot vacuum cleaner, Therese believes that the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra can save additional time on cleaning:- It is several hours, above all the cleaning will be so much more flexible. For me, that’s a big plus. The time can instead be spent spending time with the family or being at work.Would you recommend others to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner?– Absolutely! If you have large areas or want the latest, it is worth the investment. With a robot vacuum cleaner, cleaning is done. We usually let it clean when we are at work and school, it is unbeatable to come home to a clean home.EXTERNAL LINK: Order Roborock S8 Ultra directly online


– With Reactive 3D the robot avoids obstacles, even in the dark.– PreciSense LiDAR scans and navigates to the optimal cleaning route. – Double the brushes Duo Roller Brush improves and streamlines cleaning.– HyperForce provides market-leading suction power for both floors and carpets. – Cleans the carpets in depth with the help of Carpet Boost+.– The mop Vibra Rise 2.0 scrubs tough stains and lifts automatically in the case of carpets.– Quiet Mopping reduces the sound when mopping if you want.6-1 system in the charging station:– Automatic washing of the robot’s mop.– Hot air gently dries the mop.– Automatically empties of dirt and dust after cleaning.– Water tank in the charging station refills the robot.– The brushes and the charging station clean themselves.– The battery provides 180 minutes of effective vacuuming and mopping.– Charging station included. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Roborock and not an article by Dagens industri

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