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Integrated value chain solutions – more important than ever

Published: April 12, 2022, 08: 44Updated: April 19, 2022, 15:42After two years of subdued consumption, general demand for goods and services is again high. At the same time, problems in supply chains have led to major delays and a lack of supply. Efficient, integrated solutions are therefore more important than ever. Although many companies are restructuring their operations to improve efficiency, a large number are lagging behind in their work.End-to-end for optimized manufacturing potentialRami Jokela, sales manager at Körber, believes that the greatest optimization potential for industrial manufacturers today no longer exists in individual solutions but in a well-functioning ecosystem. Körber is an international technology group with around 10,000 employees in over 100 locations around the world. They offer products, solutions and services that shape the technological change for industry-leading customers around the world. The crucial factor in optimizing the manufacturing potential is an integrated solution method that enables smooth compatibility and networking of all relevant areas. As a strategic partner with extensive process expertise, Körber offers tailored E2E models “from a single source”. Körber’s solutions stand for the physical manufacturing and operating systems for supply chains and AI-based monitoring models. Their customers mainly operate in the areas of Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain and Tissue. The optimization in all areas is interdependent – and so far they have mostly been handled, evaluated and optimized in different places.Streamlining ensures a smaller environmental footprint– We see a large increase in demand for E2E solutions, especially in the tissue, pharmaceutical and supply chain industries. The increased willingness to digitize, not least due to the pandemic, has led more and more companies to look for an effective E2E solution to optimize and facilitate their supply chain processes. With the help of our solutions and offers, it is possible for manufacturers to automate the production process and ensure that a larger part of the production is handled digitally, something that facilitates the work enormously, says Rami Jokela. The individual machines are already smarter and self-adjusting. Some of the machines can even communicate with each other in the production line and the operators receive AI-based advice on how to further optimize production. There is a huge potential in the medium term to make full use of the use of AI, especially in production and logistics. – If technological innovation continues at such a pace as it has done, digital avatars and human-like robots will soon be able to handle the production process for large factories. Through this streamlining, we will be able to ensure greater process reliability and smaller environmental footprint. Especially vertically, that is, when it comes to connecting all digital and physical processes within a product cycle. E2E contributes to transparency and efficiency that we can offer our customers, concludes Jokela. Read more at The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Körber and not an article by Dagens industri

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