Signal: Meet the “WhatsApp” of the richest man in the world

Charlie Taylor

Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet and owner of Tesla, SpaceX and other innovative companies suggested a “new WhatsApp” on his Twitter account.
The application recommended by Elon is Signal, a messaging platform superior to WhatsApp in security, privacy and even transparency. The indication comes in conjunction with WhatsApp's new sensitive data sharing policy, which allows your messages to be accessed through Facebook, so they can be sold to advertisers, large corporations and governments.
This complete invasion of privacy by the company of Mark Zuckerberg has generated outrage on social media. The hashtag "George Orwell" hit Twitter this morning and Signal is top trends on the social network worldwide.

The advantages of Signal

But not everything is lost. The “WhatsApp” used by the richest man in the world has several features that leave your competitor “in the shoes”. Coinext 760x150

First, Signal has been fully audited by world-renowned security consultancy companies. This means that all the application code is safe and can be checked by anyone, since WhatsApp is a black box with no transparency at all.
Remember that Signal is a non-profit organization, it lives on donations to give you freedom and not sell your conversations and other data to third parties.
In addition, all messages exchanged via Signal are end-to-end encrypted, with an explosion feature and you can check this in the app code. While on WhatsApp, there is only the promise of encryption, since you cannot check whether it works or not.
The app also features emojis, gifs and all the most common features of your competitor. Even groups, enjoy and meet the Cointimes group at Signal and also don't forget to follow us on the Telegram channel if you prefer.

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