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Enginio – the digital consumer activations of the future

Published: February 7, 2023, 9:00 a.m. Updated: February 7, 2023, 10:21 a.m.Can you combine consumers’ demands for accessibility and simplicity with companies’ needs for innovative, effective and converting activations in all types of stores or channels? Can you simultaneously meet GDPR laws, local regulations in different markets, as well as the “cookie tracking” problem without losing the consumer? Enginio is built to be the solution to all these questions without the need for any downloads or reseller integrations. Enginio is a new customer activation platform where you can build, manage, monitor and analyze your customer activations in real time. The tool has a number of revolutionary functions such as fully automated “cashback”, receipt scanning with AI that enables automated bundles and loyalty functions, as well as a self-service tool where you can create your own activations. The platform is developed by Nordic Retail Group, NRG, and is their latest innovation in Retail Technology. The company is the Nordic region’s leading retail agency with over 25 years of experience in the industry and currently works with many of the world’s biggest brands. NRG has previously developed ReTech products such as Detail Online Merchandising and NRG Engage. – Enginio has been developed over the past 2-3 years after our business customers got tired of expensive start-up and stop costs in connection with their activations, says Martin Sohtell, CCO at NRG. – The companies wanted to have one and the same activation regardless of which market, channel or retailer they worked with and also get reduced administration, i.e. a solution that works 360 where you can get data and insights in real time. In addition, the customers were clear that it must work in both a physical environment such as in a store or in an outdoor environment and online in social media or embedded in a website or app. A not entirely simple list of requirements. A base in SwedenWith inspiration from several e-commerce giants that have succeeded in revolutionizing and simplifying the creation of e-commerce solutions and online stores, Enginio has been built by a Swedish development team based in Gothenburg and Stockholm. a tailored consumer flow. Already today, there are about ten activation modules that have been launched in the platform. These provide hundreds of opportunities for different consumer flows, including games and competitions, coupons and vouchers, loyalty, merchandise e-shop solutions, product registrations and online catalogs.World-unique solutionsOne of these functions is Enginio’s unique receipt scanner with AI that makes it possible to validate a purchase flow without integration into a cash register system and the ability to handle both physical receipts and online receipts. Another world-unique solution is the cashback solution developed together with CDI Paysystem. As the first platform in the world, this provides an opportunity to make refunds directly to credit cards in real time in over 120 countries. This is a payment solution that is sanctioned globally and implemented via several global banking solutions. – We saw early on the challenge that companies have of being limited in one checkout line, not being able to use a uniform coupon solution across multiple markets or retailers, and clumsy cashback solutions that don’t pay takes several months and requires a lot of administration, says Martin Sohtell. – When we found the collaboration with CDI Paysystem and their unique payment solution, we were able to jointly develop a secure solution that is globally scalable and approved by several of the world’s largest banks.“Must nurture customer relationships”When asked if it is possible to face the emerging cookie death and the GDPR problem, Martin replies that they are convinced that all companies must get closer to their consumers and nurture that relationship in a completely different way than before. – We cannot collect data just for for the sake of it, we have to meet our customers when they want and not take more than we have to in the form of data. Therefore, we have built our entire platform based on the understanding that the consumer must be in the driver’s seat of their relationship with each company. This has given Enginio a completely unique structure for data management and means that it follows the very basic idea behind GDPR and other global privacy laws. Consumer needs and privacy in focus. Calle Schwerin is owner and one of three founders behind Nordic Retail Group. He says that NRG has on several occasions innovated new products and services for its customers. – Enginio is completely developed with equity capital and we own all the IP ourselves. Just a few years ago, Detail Online Merchandising was sold to InRiver so this is part of our way of working. Despite the fact that within the group we have made similar trips before, we have probably never before seen such potential and scalability in any of our products. It will be extremely fun to follow Enginio.About Enginio:Enginio is a platform for consumer and customer activations with unique modules and activations completely without the need for downloads or integrations. The platform was developed by Nordic Retail Group AB and has unique features such as: Automated CashbackReceipt scanner with AIBundling, coupons and vouchersGames, competitions and entertainmentLoyaltyIntelligent QR codesLearn more here: The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Enginio and not an article by Dagens industri

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