Shibarium and NowNodes Power the Shiba Inu Trading Robot Revolution


The Shiba Inu Community (SHIB) is in the midst of an exciting breakthrough in its ecosystem thanks to an innovative partnership with mega-cap company NowNodes. NowNodes, Leading Blockchain Node Infrastructure Provider, Has Revealed the Arrival of Trading Robots at ShibariumShiba Inu’s Layer-2 scalability platform.

Through detailed guides and personalized assistance, NowNodes is enabling members of the Shiba Inu community to create their own trading bots. This collaboration promises to open up new opportunities and strengthen the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Creating trading bots in Shibarium with NowNodes.

NowNodes has published extensive guides explaining how interested parties can create trading robots on the Shibarium platform. These guides provide detailed instructions on using tools like Telegram, Python 3.11.3, WebSocket access, and the Ethereum Node.

Also included is information on how to use Node.js to build a Shibarium-based bot, allowing for the automation of business operations. This feature will be especially beneficial for investors who want to make timely transactions without being constantly present.

NowNodes and their support of the Shiba Inu community.

NowNodes has demonstrated its commitment by offering assistance and guidance to members of the Shiba Inu community who find it difficult to follow the guidelines provided. The node provider has received examples of trading bots created by Shiba Inu followers, indicating an active adoption of this strategy.

The collaboration between NowNodes and Shibarium is not just limited to building trading bots, as NowNodes has become a node provider for Shibarium’s L2 network. This will allow developers to access shared or dedicated nodes, further strengthening the infrastructure of the platform.

The bright future of Shibarium and Shiba Inu.

The Shibarium mainnet launch is fast approaching, and NowNodes has prepared for it by developing a comprehensive guide designed specifically for developers interested in accessing the Shibarium blockchain.

The response has been overwhelming, with over 300 full node integration requests for Shibarium, demonstrating the growing popularity of the platform. On the other hand, the beta version of the Shibarium blockchain, Puppynet, has received great traction since its launch, generating great anticipation among the Shiba Inu community. The upcoming Shibarium mainnet launch promises a significant boost for the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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