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Charlie Taylor

Carnegie’s equities manager believes that there are short-term winners in the pressured growth sector. With only three weeks left of Di’s share competition, Karl Hedberg suggests which shares he would pick up in a final sprint.Updated: 20 May 2022, 14:53Published: 20 May 2022, 14:49Only three weeks remains of Di’s equity competition The Dream Portfolio, where the profile “Rimmen” currently leads with the help of this week’s report winners such as the pharmaceutical company Calliditas and the gaming company Embracer. Notch in the heel is “[email protected]” with holdings such as the climbing cloud communication company Sinch and the oil companies Africa Oil and Enquest. The two top portfolios have a total return of just over 30 percent each on Friday afternoon. Things are not going quite as well for the savings profile Claes Hemberg’s dream portfolio, or “nightmare portfolio” as he jokingly calls it. The portfolio is located in the lower half of the starting field, which consists of just over 20,000 portfolios, and has a return of minus 12 percent. ”It can be stated that the industrial companies are doing well on the stock exchange while the consumer companies are doing poorly, such as Thule. But it is not about Thule as a company doing badly, but that the stock market did badly. There you often mix up the cards. You have to look at the companies and then the stock market can have its daytime temperatures up and down – and you have to live with that “, he says.Also the audiobook company Storytel weighs on Claes Hemberg’s portfolio with a decline of about 20 percent since the competition started on April 4. “The company, just like Sandvik or Kry, has rationalized its organization and as a temporary stock exchange shark you may find it difficult – or you think you should own the share for a long time and then a rationalization is something positive, a sign of health.” The heat pump company Nibe and the cooling group Beijer ref are other favorites Claes Hemberg has in his dream portfolio which also reflects the savings profile’s private portfolio. Both companies have been highly valued in 2021, largely due to their green stamp, but have come down a lot in valuation during the spring. Here, Claes Hemberg sees Nibe as particularly attractive. ”If you have the money, you can definitely go in now. Beijer ref has also been more expensive historically and delivers, but is not as strong as Nibe. ”But with only a few Remaining in the share competition, the said companies are not winning shares, believes Carnegie’s share manager Karl Hedberg. ”Some of these shares are very interesting in the long term, especially those that play on environmental trends and have now begun to decline. But I see a risk that they may continue to be pressured a little. I think, for example, that Nibe is such a stock that can continue to have a short-term headwind “, he says. In the short term, the winning shares are in the pressing growth sector, he believes and mentions Sinch, the medical technology company Bico and the call identification company Truecaller. in combination with slightly lower long-term interest rates, this type of company benefits extra, he reasons: “Sinch is very interesting, but I think Bico also has huge potential. They have some internal turmoil that they need to sort out before the investor finds back. Truecaller is also a stock that also looks very interesting ”.In addition to the three companies, Karl Hedberg had picked the construction giant Skanska and the window manufacturer Inwido in their dream portfolio. ”I had supplemented with these more traditional and low-valued companies. If we get a more normal recovery now, these companies will do well. ”

The dream portfolio

The competition takes place between April 4 and June 10. It is no longer possible to participate in the competition with a chance to win SEK 100,000. But you can still register and create your dream portfolio at – but outside the competition. As a subscriber, you can create two portfolios.
The one who has the highest percentage return in their portfolio on June 10 wins. As a participant, you can invest in the majority of the companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and also a number of companies on First North. can be done around the clock. You may invest a maximum of 25 percent and at least 5 percent of your cash in one and the same company. However, you must have at least 5 companies in your portfolio.
You can have a maximum of 25 percent of your cash in cash. The price you receive when you buy a company is set at the stock exchange opening the day after the purchase is completed – the same applies to sales. Alexandra Ramnewall

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