Seven straight weeks of decline for Nasdaq – the longest minus trend in 21 years

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Great demand for new battery technology

Published: 17 May 2022, 09:00 Updated: 20 May 2022, 09:37Jungheinrich sees increased demands on intralogistics with more focus on sustainability, combined with efficiency and profitability. More and more companies are choosing trucks with lithium-ion batteries as part of the company’s sustainability work. – Most pay for the investment financially directly. The environmental aspect and increased security are also contributing factors to the change, says Joakim Klintestam, sales director at Jungheinrich. New requirements for efficient logistics solutions have led to an enormous development for battery technology in the industry. Today’s customers ask themselves the question of how to drive down costs and find sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions, says Joakim Klintestam, sales director at the intralogistics group Jungheinrich.Maximizes efficiencyTo ensure efficient development of new battery technology for sustainable intralogistics, Jungheinrich’s product department has hired an energy expert. He constantly counts on how large batteries and chargers are needed to be able to maximize customer efficiency, with the least possible environmental impact. – We attach great importance to our sustainable work and have received platinum certificates for transparent sustainability commitment from the credit institution EcoVadis. This means that globally we belong to the top percentage of all companies in this field. We strongly believe in lithium-ion technology as a sustainable way of working for the industry in the future and see that the large companies are completely moving in that direction. Demand is basically about the ability to take care of energy in the best way possible. We will continue our work to continue to make the intralogistics industry sustainable, without compromising on its efficiency, says Joakim Klintestam.Pioneers in lithium ion technologyJungheinrich is a pioneer in lithium-ion technology and drives development forward by constantly improving inventory productivity. Eleven years ago, Jungheinrich developed its first mass-produced lithium-ion truck. Four years ago, trucks with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery were also released. It set the new standard for the industry. A big advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that you do not have to build the truck around the battery but can adapt and shape the machine optimally, which makes it safer. The lithium-ion battery is maintenance-free, has a long battery life and draws less power. This makes the truck available around the clock thanks to fast charging times. At the same time, it provides higher performance for maximum work capacity and efficiency in the warehouse. – These are factors that we see becoming increasingly important for financially conscious and sustainability-focused customers. We have a wide range of trucks with an integrated lithium-ion battery that we call Powerline, where we also compensate for climate-neutral carbon production until delivery, Joakim Klintestam explains.About Jungheinrich
Jungheinrich is a global group in intralogistics headquartered in Hamburg. For more than 60 years, customers have been helped to more efficient, safer and more ergonomic material handling.Read more about JungheinrichThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Jungheinrich and not an article by Dagens industri

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