See which of your data has been leaked by hackers

Charlie Taylor

In early January 2022, a massive leak of data containing personal information from more than 223 million Brazilians made headlines. Various sensitive data, such as email, phone, address, income, relationship, credit score and many others are available for purchase.
This leak caused a lot of concern, and thinking about it, it was developed by cryptocurrency enthusiast João Ferreira, the Vazei website, which allows you to check which data of a particular person was leaked.

How to make the consultation?

The process for verifying leaked data is quite simple. Just fill in the CPF number plus the full name or date of birth.
After filling in the fields, a result containing a list with 37 data and their respective status will be displayed on the screen.Alter - Cryptoback
According to the website, no data is stored to perform the query:

User data is immediately anonymized using the same algorithm used in the data file, and is immediately discarded. There is no storage of any data sent by the website, either in its direct form or in an anonymized form.

The website's source code is available on Github for verification, thus ensuring greater transparency for application. The website allows the donation of cryptoactive materials to anyone who is willing to contribute to the project.
The data leak was classified by Digital Law expert Ronaldo Lemos as the “end of the world data leak” due to the severity and extent of the leak that will impact the country for some years.
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