See 3 ways to get free UNI, Uniswap token

Charlie Taylor

Pizza Day FoxbitWith an increase of 800% in the year, the Ethereum UNI token became an asset in many portfolios of investors in the cryptocurrency market. Now, the NovaDAX broker has just launched a campaign that gives you three possibilities to win it for free, just follow the instructions and regulations on the platform. UNI is the native token of the Uniswap protocol, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It appeared on an airdrop for users who had previously used DEX, but now there is a new opportunity to earn UNI tokens. NovaDAX, one of the largest cryptocurrency brokers in Brazil in volume, has the Nova Friday campaign, which rewards platform users on Fridays with a different token. This time, there are 3 ways to gain UNI in exchange.

Airdrop for new users

If you don't have a NovaDAX account yet, this is the easiest way to earn UNI tokens in this event. Just register and meet one of the conditions below:

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Buy at least 0.2 UNI in a single orderDeposit at least 0.2 UNI at onceUsers who create an account within this promotional period and fulfill any of the above conditions will receive 0.04 UNI free of charge. At the time of writing this article, 3 people had already won and there is a limit of 200 vacancies for this bonus. But if you are already a client of the broker, no problem, there are two more ways to earn tokens for free.

Sharing to win UNI

Another way to earn, perhaps the easiest, is through the referral link. Just share your link available on the campaign page with friends, they need to complete the identity verification and deposit R$100. Places are limited to 100 people and 14 have already registered while we were writing this article. So it's good to hurry.

trading competition

For those who like emotion and want to buy/sell UNI there is a trading competition. The broker will distribute R $ 1130 in UNI to the 10 traders who have the highest volumes of Real-Crypto and Crypto-Crypto trades on the platform at the time of the competition. With this innovative marketing strategy, the exchange of Chinese origin has been conquering the Brazilian market and is already one of the largest in the country. In the last 24 hours NovaDAX moved the equivalent of R $ 18 million in bitcoin, surpassing other traditional companies. In total there will be R$4500.00 in prizes distributed on New Friday according to the campaign regulations.

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