Security work – the new normal

Charlie Taylor

Published: 24 May 2022, 15:05Robert Lidquist, Deputy CEO of Sectra Communications. As more and more socially critical functions are digitized, the demands on cyber security increase. Creating and maintaining continuous protection of the digital infrastructure means a great deal of change on the part of society. – Proactive and continuous security work is part of the new normal and it needs to start at the top, says Robert Lidquist, vice president at Sectra Communications. Complete protection against a cyberattack is difficult, if not impossible. However, there are many measures that businesses can take to improve protection and efforts that reduce the impact of an attack. Sectra Communications works with security solutions for socially important activities. They have extensive experience in security and offer solutions for secure communication, VPN and monitoring solutions for IT and OT systems, which makes them a leading player and partner in cyber security. – A security analysis of the organization is a good first step, to then go ahead and prioritize which points are critical to one’s unique business. I also want to highlight that it is important to go through the supply chain based on the requirements you have for security, Robert Lidquist explains.Important aspects of security workCentral when it comes to change work in security is that it is implemented in everyday work and above all that it is driven from above. – It is difficult to change the business from grassroots level – it is a work that must begin in the management room where budget and resources are secured. Digitization means that more parts of society are connected and the attack surfaces for cyber attacks increase. – Criminal and malicious actors are constantly developing their abilities to attack and obtain information. That is why it is important to see safety work as something that happens constantly and never stops, says Robert Lidquist.Works for a safer societySectra Communications helps socially important businesses work for a safer society by providing solutions that enable secure information and communication exchange. Cyber ​​security is no longer just about the security of individual organizations. With responsibility for customers ‘and private individuals’ data, businesses and organizations now have a greater social responsibility. – It does not have to take several years to raise their level significantly. It all depends on the business’s starting point, but carrying out measures that increase safety can be relatively quick – start by doing a safety analysis of the business and be aware that the work includes technology, processes and people, Robert Lidquist concludes.About Sectra CommunicationsSectra Communications develops products and services that protect society’s most sensitive information and communication. The offer includes secure voice and data communication with solutions that are certified both nationally and by the EU and NATO. Sectra also has a Security Operations Center that helps actors in critical infrastructure, such as healthcare and energy and water supply, to enable secure digitization projects. Read more here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Sectra Communications and not an article by Dagens industri

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