Secret list determines how the electricity is turned off


The risk that some electricity customers have to disconnected will increase this winter, according to Svenska kraftnät. Erik Ek, strategist at Svenska kraftnät, tells us that normally our own power production is usually insufficient for 36 hours a year, but so far no electricity customers have ever had to be disconnected. Now, when the nuclear power plant Ringhals 4 has had an extended stop, so the dependence on imports increases. Should Ringhals 4 be disconnected all winter, it could be around 150 hours when we have to import the electricity, he says. If Sweden does not receive sufficient imports, there is a risk that consumption will have to be reduced by force by disconnecting certain subscribers for a few hours, he explains. Then it must be done with the least possible damage. There is a system for this called a board. The highest priority is where life and health are at risk within hours or days, or where society’s functions are quickly affected by a power outage, explains Cecilia Selin, emergency response officer at the county board in Skåne. do not stare blindly at the system of governance, this has never been tested in practice.”These are county administrative boards and municipalities who are responsible for prioritizing and planning activities that exist in their area. Finally, it is the county administrative boards that compile the lists, which are confidential. It can be both public operations, such as hospitals and the defense, and private ones, such as large distribution centers for food found in Skåne. The lists are then matched to how the power lines stretch, and that is when it becomes clear which parts of the power grid can be shut down if it would be necessary. Households are last in line to get power, says Cecilia Selin. It will certainly be difficult for many if the electricity is turned off, she states. But the most important functions in society should have some form of reserve power, she underlines. “There are eight classes of priorities, we work with seven of them. Households and ordinary residences are last. This means that both elevators and automatic gates in residential buildings can stop, traffic lights are turned off and many households, shops and businesses have to manage without power.“It’s all about having reserve capacity and plan B.”Cecilia Selin is currently compiling the priority lists for Skåne. She thinks it is relatively easy to dot the most important functions, it gets worse further down the priority lists, such as for museum operations, environmental protection and things with large financial values. For the municipalities, it can be tricky with the priorities. “We look at which businesses that exist in the municipality and submit our lists to the county board,” says Per-Erik Ebbestål, director of sustainability and security in the city of Malmö. The problem is that the municipalities don’t know everything. At Skåne’s meeting on electricity on Tuesday, 30 authorities participated, but there are significantly more that could theoretically be affected, he says. “It is very likely that there are activities that the municipalities are not aware of,” he says. Municipalities can also look a little differently at how socially important an activity is, such as preschools, says Per-Erik Ebbestål. “There is no definition of what is socially important and in Skåne there are 33 municipalities.”He states that it is a bit messy, with many people involved and many different interests. On the part of the city of Malmö, the hope is that they will manage to save enough electricity to avoid disconnection this winter. “If we save 2 percent of electricity, the risk will be reduced several times,” explains Erik Ek on Svenska kraftnät. If the electricity still needs to be disconnected, it’s the power grid companies that finally push the button. Peter Hjalmar, regional manager at Eon, which has a large part of the power grids in Skåne, says that the assignment then comes from Svenska kraftnät, which talks about how much must be removed. “We don’t choose which mains to be disconnected. We start from the lists from the county administrative boards,” he says.

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