Scientists have proven that lockdowns were ineffective and deadly


Scientists from the American Johns Hopkins University and the University of Lund in Sweden have completed a cycle of 20,000. research on global restrictions related to attempts to protect against COVID-19, the Daily Telegraph reported. Pandemic repressions (because that’s how they should be called) had – as it was described – a “negligible impact” on mortality due to this disease, especially in comparison with liberal methods of limiting the pandemic (vide: Sweden), being at the same time a “huge political failure” of the elites implementing them. It was calculated that they prevented only 1.7 thousand deaths. excess deaths, while in just one week, 11,000 people die from various causes in England and Wales. people. Let us remind you that in individual countries hundreds of thousands of deaths of infected people were persistently threatened, and there were supposed to be at least hundreds of millions of them worldwide.

Lockdowns ineffective and deadly

The total ineffectiveness of lockdowns has so far been confirmed by dozens of independently conducted studies. John PA Ioannidis of Stanford University and his team identified 36 studies, along with an additional seven preliminary national estimates. They showed without question that among people under the age of 70 worldwide, mortality due to infection ranged from 0.00 percent to 0.00 percent. to 0.57 percent, with a median of 0.05 percent. depending on the country (adjusted later to only 0.04%).
Despite business shutdowns, school closures, and orders to wear near-zero masks and other senseless social restrictions, the number of “positive cases” has only grown. Gerard Müller, the German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, was one of the few politicians to openly warn that global lockdowns will kill more people than COVID-19 itself, and that’s exactly what happened. Even the renowned “Lancet” pointed out that government strategies in the form of lockdowns and school closures only deepen malnutrition of children around the world, and “strained health care systems and interruptions in humanitarian activities, destroying access to basic emergency services, cause millions of excess deaths (in Poland it is estimated 160,000 in two years).

Research and scientific analysis were ignored

Hundreds of thousands of companies were “murdered” by closing their eyes and ears to the voices of reason. The businesses and lives of a huge number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and their families have been ruined. Instead of verifying local policies in time and not listening to false WHO guidelines, an unprecedented campaign of hatred and ridiculing those who think differently about the so-called. pandemic. Almost unnoticed, however, were studies conducted around the world proving that the policies taken were wrong, socially harmful and deadly. The evidence for this was and still exists (although it is not easy to find nowadays). They come from research conducted e.g. in North Jutland by Chaudhry’s team (who also took part in the study at national level), from the Flaxman study (regarding the European experience), still other studies from Western Europe (published by T. Meunier) and non-European countries such as Israel or New Zealand. It is difficult to find one place on the web where publicly available links to individual studies have been collected – we used the following articles:,badania-naukowe-zwiazane-z-covid-19, and first of all:,dr-thomas-binder-globalna-zbrodnia-koronawirusowa-przedko-ludzkosci. According to the same source, scientists from Duke, Harvard and Johns Hopkins universities are proving that there will be about a million excess deaths in the US over the next two decades – due to lockdowns. It may be similar in other countries.

There remains a dubious satisfaction

Despite compelling evidence of wrongdoing, the toxic politics of the fake – because it was overblown – pandemic continued. The governments of many countries, which citizens previously trusted for health care, have failed the test, to put it mildly. By taking unconstitutional actions, they ruined the businesses and lives of hundreds of thousands of smaller entrepreneurs and caused many other social harms. This was done with the approval of so-called “recognized medical experts.” No one has yet suffered any consequences, not even political ones, for all this. We are left with the moral (and sad) satisfaction that we consistently warned.

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