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“Improved results are not about the result”

Published: 30 May 2023, 10:00 Updated: 5 June 2023, 08:38All organizations are sitting on enormous untapped potential – and it lies in the employees and their willingness to create power and market advantage. Through structured work with behavioral changes, that power is released, says Tobias Berglund, CEO of Wise Consulting. Leaders want to be successful and achieve results. By definition, they need to achieve that result through their employees. Improved results are therefore not about results, but about behaviors and behavior change. Anders Klevard, responsible for Strategic Services at Wise Consulting, explains.- Every organization is perfectly designed to create exactly the result it gets. The employees’ behaviors, in the context they find themselves in, create a certain result. If you want to improve that result, whether the result is about revenue, customer satisfaction or employee engagement, the people in the organization need to do something different, he says. So how do we bring about the behavior change? Both research and Wise Consulting’s experience show that we tend to underestimate the challenge of driving change. Therefore, we fail with the move. – An important reason why we fail is that we focus on the wrong part of the change. We can either focus on actions that will start a certain behavior, or on what will happen after we perform a behavior. 80 percent of the effort is usually spent on the former, in the form of policies, instructions and training. But what drives a behavior is 80 percent the consequences of the execution. And the key here is to identify positive consequences that reinforce the desired behavior, says Anders Klevard.Transforms visions into reality¬Tobias Berglund, CEO at Wise Consulting, believes that within all organizations there is untapped power to take advantage of here. , you have good opportunities to release that power, he says. Wise Consulting helps companies in the Nordics to do just this. The company gathers around 100 consultants with a background in HR, who can assist company management in the work of transforming visions into behavioral changes and actual results. – Many CEOs underestimate how much is required to succeed with change. The world is developing so fast today that behavioral changes must take place continuously. We can carve out a path towards the CEO’s intended goals, and help release the potential and competence required for the company to get there, says Tobias Berglund. Curious about Wise Consulting? Read more here. About Wise Consulting Wise Consulting is the Nordic region’s leading HR consulting company. With passionate and business-driven consultants in HR, leadership and organizational development, Wise Consulting creates profitability for its clients. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Wise Consulting and not an article by Dagens industri

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