SBB falls heavily for the second day in a row

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Published: February 1, 2022, 08:59Eight million Swedes have installed Swish on their mobile. Half use Swish every week to pay in everything from grocery stores to the ski slope. The mobile phone, our remote control for life, has also become our wallet. Swish has gone from being a popular way of transferring money between private individuals, to a common method of payment in commerce. The flexibility, security and the fact that you only use money you have is appreciated by many. In less than a decade, Swish has revolutionized the way we conduct transactions. The word “swisha” itself was also recently added to the Swedish Dictionary, the Swedish Academy’s dictionary for modern Swedish. The first business solutions came in 2014 with scannable QR codes and 123 numbers that the customer himself entered. – In today’s more advanced trading solutions, companies integrate Swish in their web shops, checkout systems or apps, explains Urban Höglund, CEO of Swish. The restaurant note in the mobileThis was exactly what the ski group Branäsgruppen did when they developed a self-service app to make it easier for visitors to pay in restaurants, among other places. The guests order and pay for the food in the app and then pick it up in the “kitchen door”. – When the app was ready, we started looking at different payment solutions. We stuck with Swish because it works so smoothly and even faster than short, says Mikael Elford, Marketing and Sales Manager at Branäsgruppen. Today, half of Branäsgruppen’s 42,000 transactions are carried out per month with Swish. 98 percent of restaurant visitors pay with Swish in the app. – Our customers appreciate being able to pay with Swish because they already do everything on their mobile, says Mikael Elford.The customer journey is strengthened with flexible payment solutionsAccording to Urban Höglund, companies are slowly beginning to understand that they need to rethink. To be relevant, you need to put more powder on service and the customer experience instead of the payment. The Branäs group is a good example of this. – By offering Swish as a payment method, their visitors can indulge in the fun – skiing and spending time with the family – instead of standing in cash queues, he states.Self-service and unmannedThe trend of self-service apps is on the rise. Coop recently launched the self-scanning app Scan and Pay. Once customers have logged in, they can use the app to scan their goods and then also pay for them directly in the app. 80 percent of these payments are made today with Swish. – According to two surveys, 85 percent of consumers are positive about self-checkout and 64 percent would choose such a solution instead of standing in a traditional cash queue, says Urban Höglund. . In some places, you can already use Mobile BankID today to unlock the door to unmanned neighborhood stores and then pay for the goods with Swish. If you are curious about future trading experiences with self-service, you can visit the demo store Swish recently opened in Stockholm. Book a visit.About Swish
Swish was launched in 2012 as a collaboration between Sweden’s largest banks and has since become Sweden’s entire mobile payment service. Swish simplifies everyday life for close to 8 million Swedes and more than 280,000 companies and organizations. In 2021, Swish was named Sweden’s strongest brand.

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